05/27/2020 23:25

$American Airlines Remember to take your profits and buy the dip
American Airlines-0
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bt trading05/28/2020 00:42
I tried ended up buying back in at the price I sold still new to this haha


TUT/G\KING05/28/2020 00:37
whats best point to catch the dip

NOAH05/28/2020 07:42

When you see the chart fall off after being up for some time. That doesnt always signify a dip but you have to do your own research. In the earlier weeks it dropped to 8.80 a share and that would have been an amazing entry point.


Alex0905/27/2020 23:57
We nearky made the same amount lol nice

NOAH05/28/2020 00:37

Nice, congrats!


?? In n Out05/27/2020 23:43
Words of wisdom


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