Bullish Pug

09/05/2020 01:31

$Apple PLZ READ: How Moscow will move aapl
On august 24th, moscow exchange offered trading for a few blue chip stocks in the s&p 500. Many of the stocks were trading sideways before the inclusion(like microsoft that i posted). The day when US markets opened after the inclusion many of these stocks started to run higher and broke the sideways trend.
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mas_mas09/05/2020 01:52
The russIans have to buy to get in. so it has to go up at least a lil. i imagine theyre gonna short it like crazy

Bullish Pug09/05/2020 01:57

They wont short. My reasoning as to why is because if you go on moex .c0M and look at tech stocks that were added on the 24th to their exchange, they all went up a significant amount. im sure they will short the shit out of it eventually, just not within the next week or two


Reaper09/05/2020 01:38
im new to this so sorry😅


Reaper09/05/2020 01:35
so...it probably won't go up at all is what you're saying?

Reaper09/05/2020 02:03

i just did

Bullish Pug09/05/2020 01:52

Its a little hard to answer your questions here because of how comments are set up. If you want feel free to DM me on twitter @iizyzzii

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Bullish Pug09/05/2020 01:34
Take a look at facebook on the 25th. 272-307 in 2 trading days after inclusion

Bullish Pug09/05/2020 06:44

Monday, in Russia

Bai***com09/05/2020 06:16

When is this supposed to take place?

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