09/05/2020 06:56

Very possible that we’re entering a bear market. What we’ve seen happen to the general markets yesterday and today could be a correction thought. If it’s only a correction, we can expect to see $Apple down to at least $105.
On the other hand, if the general markets fall down at least 6%>, we’re definitely entering a bear market (keep in mind that we’re already down 3-4%).
If you plan to play options for Apple on this upcoming week, I’d stay on watch for the Futures monday/tuesday. If they look negative, I’d load up on puts very early at the market open.
This is only a speculation to give you an idea of what could happen. This is also my strategy for Tuesday. Goodluck.
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ari***com09/05/2020 22:51
do research guys apple after every split has gone up more then 5.6 percent for the next year


ari***com09/05/2020 22:50
ppl were just selling off to get profits from split thats all thats why it started recovering friday ao green on tuesday fosho


Cefm9809/05/2020 15:04
It’s literally just a sell off because market is closed Monday. Jeez

S1lent09/05/2020 19:08

Lol. Not necessarily.


JH09/05/2020 14:07
Well beware of quadruple witching day people. 9/18


210****44509/05/2020 08:13
every year is different depending on the fundamentals look to see how Tesla and AMD are doing premarket Tuesday as well as Apple.

S1lent09/05/2020 09:27

That’s very true. They are cousin stocks so if we see Tesla, AMD and Apple down in pre-market, it could be a sign for a red day. Easy money there. hehe


Fibonacci1123509/05/2020 07:07
What happened was a Normal occurance in the market. on days like today they sold to take profits for august and the orior quarter as well. new trading season satrts on tuesday for us. Especially considering the fomo from russian investors. Remember to set yout stop losses!


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