09/11/2020 22:23

$Apple Whys everyone talking about 9/15. It's buy the rumor sell the news.. If apple was going to go up due to this it would have already began.. In other words it will have no impact and when the news comes out hence (sell the news) it will most likely drop it more.. All you who thinks 9/15 is going to make it run have no idea how stocks work. It hasn't began running up so it most likely just isn't.. News could drop it more though.. I know it doesn't make logical sense to work this way but that's the way it is..
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All Comments(9)

Tesla Owner09/11/2020 23:33
Bear market for humans not for robots.


MorbidlyObeseVirgin09/11/2020 23:11
gonna be lots of red next week after I plough your mom


mar***com09/11/2020 22:53
cramer jr.


geo***com09/11/2020 22:51
you don't know what you're talking about. Just say you're shorting and you hope it goes down.


vector09/11/2020 22:37
I don't think it's already price then that's what you're figuring


Kevinsuo09/11/2020 22:32
You are partially right. but most of the time buy the rumor sell the news are the news that already been knew (pretty weird huh since it called ”news”)

But for aapl no confirmation on what they are going to announce, maybe something crazy and completely invert the market trend since aapl sitting at 2T And its a leader of the market


865****10509/11/2020 22:31
Because it's a bunch of amateurs trading on this platform... I'm just here for the entertainment value... if these idiots would learn options and more importantly spreads, there wouldn't be all the emotion in this chat


lon***com09/11/2020 22:29
"most likely just isn't"... real technical analysis you provided there..............

Key_Trends09/11/2020 22:38

This isn't technical analysis. It's a statement.. 🥴🙄


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FOLLOW ME! seriously.ArmaanOG 09/30/2020 23:24

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