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09/14/2020 06:44

#The Largest Ever Chip Deal Nvidia Is Buying ARM from SoftBank for $40 Billion
$Nvidia has agreed to buy the U.K.-based chip design house Arm Holdings from $SoftBank Group for about $40 billion in cash, stock, and future considerations.

It’s the biggest acquisition in the history of the semiconductor industry and a significant victory for SoftBank and its founder and CEO Masayoushi Son, which bought Arm for $32 billion in 2016.

Arm is best known as the designer of an architecture used in chips in most mobile phones, including the $Qualcomm chips used in most Android phones, as well as $Apple’s iPhone.

What are your thoughts and predictions for $Nvidia in the upcoming weeks?

Sound off below and discuss with other community members. Let your trading expertise inspire us.
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All Comments(12)

tod***com09/15/2020 14:01
China is like pinky and the brain


181*****86409/15/2020 01:28


Learn1309/14/2020 21:35
So he made 25% in 4 years and sold a company that looks like it’ll only be worth more moving forward, why is this such a win for Son / Softbank?

What am i missing?

No Stop Loss09/15/2020 01:47

they were paid by all users of ARM for 4 years and cashed out. maybe the total income was less than 2 billion a year.

Cory09/14/2020 23:25

not missing anything, Softbank selfishly selling assets to go private. dont quote me


José Marquez Thermowet09/14/2020 20:33
hello need help one question what I circled in yellow is that money that I can eventually withdrawal?

No Stop Loss09/15/2020 01:40

kind of your market value is - which they will ask you to break even so the top number is what you could withdraw after closing out any - balance.

maj***com09/14/2020 21:49

Looks like money you put in your account to purchase more shares.
You can always ask Webull questions directly that pertain to your account by navigating lower bar on screen.
It's a good sign for you. Purchasing.


Cro***com09/14/2020 19:16


BAZAR197909/14/2020 14:02
stocks will dilute i wont buy nvidia stock next 6 months


Dr. Hunter09/14/2020 14:02
Disruptive company for sure


BAZAR197909/14/2020 13:53
Why does it take so long to Transfer funds on webull ftom bank account ? Robinghood 1 minute

maj***com09/14/2020 21:53

No fees. They make money in interest holding your cash. Margin account locks you into price when you buy, and they get your cash later. Usually need 2k investment to have a margin account.
Read disclosures about cash vs margin account etc

tor***com09/14/2020 14:25

cash app= instant


Leo $$09/14/2020 11:29
what effect will this have on $Qualcomm ?


RHuman09/14/2020 08:18
let's gooooooo


GeoAris09/14/2020 07:27
Nvidia might consolidate, and will shoot up to an all year record stock price high since 2018 possibly at 500 tp perhaps more..


Mark Hake09/14/2020 06:48
$Nvidia maybe it’s a good time to buy?

maj***com09/14/2020 21:54

Umm...yes. Check their ytd B4 this unexpected news.


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