09/15/2020 13:00

$Apple Who wants to see the Best Buy and Sell Points projected today? Bet I will be more accurate than anyone you know on here or any Wall Street Analysts or #Fake Guru’s on Webull

Check my history of posts....I’ll be the most accurate person you’ve ever seen and it will 🤯

50 Likes and 25 Comments Before the Opening Bell and the numbers are all yours!
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All Comments(26)

DangerousDayTrader😉😎09/16/2020 00:00
So close guys. Another chance tomorrow.

Lil Donald Pump09/16/2020 13:14



Banks09/15/2020 18:22
come mint here

Banks09/15/2020 18:24

do I get the prize for the 25th comment?


404****45309/15/2020 17:33


KodeRed09/15/2020 17:00
Here for it 👀


@tradingwithpurpose09/15/2020 16:32
Please do i am very interested !!!!


Cottage Trader09/15/2020 15:30
do you have a book or system to purchase?

DangerousDayTrader😉😎09/15/2020 16:33

Exactly. No response. Comments and profiles like these are a dime a dozen here on Webull. So many fake accounts just to phish. Webull is letting it get out of control.

DangerousDayTrader😉😎09/15/2020 15:52

Why are you asking? Are you even going to respond back to this comment?


mac&cheese09/15/2020 15:21
what do you rhibk about Tesla?
will it pull back to $318.00? or keep going up?

DangerousDayTrader😉😎09/15/2020 15:24

Go on FB, find & join ”A Savage Method: Choose Not to Lose”


@REALdonaldtrump🇺🇸MAGA202009/15/2020 15:07
halfway on the likes 👍🏽


ala***com09/15/2020 14:48
ollie ollie oxen free


mj7***com09/15/2020 14:17
you sound borderline desperate to get likes

DangerousDayTrader😉😎09/15/2020 14:21

Welcome troll, you came to the right place to look like and idiot...YOU WIN! 2 POINTS for Gryffindor!😆🤣👍🏼🖕🏻


Lil Donald Pump09/15/2020 14:16
Source that info

Lil Donald Pump09/15/2020 14:56

You only lose what you put in im not selling puts or calls im buying them

DangerousDayTrader😉😎09/15/2020 14:47

I don’t know why so many of you think that options trading is your big ticket to lots and lot. You’re better off doing buys/sells shorts/buytocovers in some circumstances. Puts and shorts are always extremely risky. If you lose your money and more....you owe that for life...it’s not something you could ever file bankruptcy on. I have seen some people owe $100k plus before off a few thousand dollar puts all because the stock skyrocketed up. They will be paying that debt for years

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mj7***com09/15/2020 14:15


DaShareKroppa⛏️💸🚀09/15/2020 14:14
The man knows his shyt...cant lie on that one @DangerousDayTrader😉😎


ima***com09/15/2020 13:50
lol 😆

DangerousDayTrader😉😎09/15/2020 13:55

This guy...🤡😆🤣


ana***com09/15/2020 13:33
what is you suggestion today

DangerousDayTrader😉😎09/15/2020 13:33

50 Likes & 25 Comments needed before I release them. Repost to other stocks to get to those goals faster.


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