Davin Nauta On YouTube

11/17/2020 12:29

$NIO Inc. Can't wait to see the IV crush happen after earnings so I can be all "I warned you about hedging" back when I did warn people and they decided to be rude as hell.

If you don't know what hedging is or plan to hold options through earnings with no risk management, then I hope you at least know what the MMM is. πŸ˜‰That goes for any earnings.

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sandermancity11/17/2020 13:11
you could always buy yourself one call and one put... sucks if it doesn't move but if you are expecting one then it could be very profitable. but iv crush is real and certainly one of the main things you should consider

SwingFever11/17/2020 18:27

Works out better buying 1 of one option (call/put) and 3 of the other, both at the same strike. the 3 being the cheaper of the two. One of them is already itm so if it continues the price will rise accordingly offsetting any loss from the otm contracts.

Davin Nauta On YouTube11/17/2020 13:13

Woohoo! A second person that agrees with me! What you just explained is hedging! I agree! People need to know how to get around it or at least protect themselves from it as much as possible.


GrumpyOldTroll11/17/2020 12:59
Anyone who holds options through earnings is just gambling.. you got a 50/50 chance of making moneyor losing your whole contract amount, theyll learn just like i did too

Davin Nauta On YouTube11/17/2020 13:06

Finally! Someone on the same page as me. I'm out here trying to help people and they're calling me a clown and telling me to stfu. Okay bud, have fun with your call or put about to get crushed even if it does go in your favored direction.


ortigoza2111/17/2020 12:41
Money maker move what is it?

Davin Nauta On YouTube11/17/2020 12:47

The money maker move is the dollar move +/- that the market makers are expecting the price of the stock to move. When it comes to earnings, you can use this to see what options have earnings "priced in". If earnings happens, and the stock price doesn't move OUTSIDE of that MMM range, then your calls/puts will lose value.


Buy_Dip-Sell_News11/17/2020 12:35


jburn42011/17/2020 12:33
why do you care what other people do? no one gives a shit about you. By all means tho waste your time. lmao

Davin Nauta On YouTube11/17/2020 12:39

I'm just trying to help others not lose money, but if that seems so farfetched to you then maybe you only care about yourself. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Davin Nauta On YouTube11/17/2020 12:38

Says the guy that cares enough to reply 🀣


Alexhg11/17/2020 12:32
Dont worry my man nio will be collapse soon its a ponzi scheme .

Cad***com11/17/2020 12:41

PonzI scheme πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ do you even know what that is? You must not like making money lol


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