11/17/2020 17:19

$Apple Quick question for someone who deals in long puts on Webull: Can someone please kindly verify what “max loss” of -1989 means up at the top of this screenshot? Is that the amount I would be out if I sold this put right now? Or is that just a hypothetical of some sort? I swear I’ve done my research, but I’ve just never seen that before and am a little confused on what to do here on Webull.

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FN-219911/17/2020 17:23
Thats not a long put, that’s selling a put. 1,989 is if the stock price was to drop to zero

JRL***com11/17/2020 18:26

Ok, I will. Trust me, I have learned my lesson. I swear I did my research, it’s just a little differnt when it’s game time and you have to start making decisions. Lol.

FN-219911/17/2020 18:23

That’s correct. Watch that long YouTube video and it will clear up a lot. Also, investopedia is an excellent resource that provides examples to help. Good luck man

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Key_Trends11/17/2020 17:20
the max you can lose is the amount you paid for the contract or contracts.


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