01/08/2021 12:34

$Apple im scared, so when that glitch happened , webull said they would reverse a trade and it was a option, well they did but now today it says -30000 buying power, and that I have to deposit it in a few days, I only spent 680 on two calls. I don't know what to do and I definitely don't have that money, and it doesn't make sense. please help
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Long Short01/08/2021 15:34
Cut losses short Let winners run on

Soulbound01/08/2021 15:34

They fixed it lmao i didnt have losses


Soulbound01/08/2021 13:27


Kaeh11049801/08/2021 13:27
Were the options calls or puts? Did you underwrite the option? I highly doubt you did with only $700 in your account.

Soulbound01/08/2021 13:27

two options of apple , 680 total


elon and ye mode01/08/2021 12:42
gg yolo lol

Soulbound01/08/2021 12:48

they reversed the options for me and this is what happened , it's on them.


Carter01/08/2021 12:41
what probably happened was, ur options expired today right? And if the price of the stock is lower than ur strike, I believe webull asks you before you purchase the option โ€œwould you like webull to exercise the option if it is not above the strike price.โ€ You prob accidentally clicked off that box, so it purchased 100 shares of the stock at 300$ a piece. If ur strike was not 300 dollars then forget everything i just said. But if it was, it adds up, and i an guessing u have 100 shares of a stock that is probably like 305 dollars a piece. You can sell the 100 shares i think to get most of the money back, and then u would have to cover the remaining cost, but it would be a few 100 instead of 30k. Going forward, maybe dont have the box clicked off, and dont get calls expiring the next day. It is alright tho, I hope it works out man๐Ÿ’ฏ

Soulbound01/08/2021 12:44

The contracts were being reversed by webull thats when tgis happened

Soulbound01/08/2021 12:43

They expired next month


Rocket01/08/2021 12:39
Wait untill 9 am, their system will be stable by them. sometime i have seen stuff like this autocorrected during opEning bell

Soulbound01/08/2021 12:41



AslanTrading01/08/2021 12:37
Contact them there must be a mistake

Soulbound01/08/2021 13:28

I think they figured it out, I hope, thanks bros

den***com01/08/2021 13:26

please don't stress man - we will help you through this collectively. but let's make sure it's not a glitch first - they can't charge you what you don't have - so just tell them to cancel order. you may lose the 700, but if you do we can try to cash app you some money to get going again. only takes $200 on a good play, to get the money coming in again. head up brother, please don't stress.

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