01/10/2021 19:53

$Apple Im impressed so many here are taking a stand against communism and censorship and its amazing to see so many people speaking out against APPL for their establishment shilling. It's not about liking or not liking Trump. We have big tech censoring our president for crying out loud. Deciding what information or news can be shared or not. That's scary shit. The fact anyone is supporting this is beyond me. It just goes to show you how self serving and 2 faced some people are. Guaranteed they'd be upset if 'their guy" or them personally were being censored, de-platformed, added to no fly lists, having years of photos and videos being deleted ECT ECT.
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402Juice01/11/2021 12:47
what ever happened to "if you aren't doing anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about? "


Bullsdeep01/11/2021 00:58


Vulture42001/11/2021 00:55
The government loves sheeple.


Bullsdeep01/10/2021 22:36

Bullsdeep01/11/2021 00:57

is it very real and very dumb.

Rage01/10/2021 22:38

LOL is this real???
Wtf kind of shit is this?


Bullsdeep01/10/2021 22:34
They don't have to care about anyone's "inner self" to perpetuate an agenda.


Rage01/10/2021 22:32
If you think wall street gives a damn about anyone's inner self you haven't been here long enough

Bullsdeep01/11/2021 00:56

I agree about social media. I just think it's crazy people are for it

Rage01/10/2021 22:35

To be sure, I absolutely think ALL main stream media and social media is toxic to our community. That includes Parler btw. But censorship is a bad precedent to be setting in our great country.

I agree with your sentiment.

I disagree with anyone thinking the stock market is going to make any difference.

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Rage01/10/2021 22:30
The market is designed to be self serving. Make me some damn money, take your feelings to therapy.


Bullsdeep01/10/2021 21:09
I'm talking about other social media apps being crushed too. APPL is dropping tomorrow due to them booting Parlor and alienating some of their base


ca7101/10/2021 20:33
While I do not support censorship (actual censorship), I do not support the blatantly irresponsible use of any platform by an elected official to incite violence and insurrection. Free speech allows you to use the word “fire”. Common sense says you should not scream it inside a room full of people. And if you do - expect a stampede. He knew full well what he was doing and how those supporters would react.


Are you okay?01/10/2021 20:05
Are you okay?


Ryan01/10/2021 20:00
Unfortunately it’s a mixed bag. That platform was used in a way that ended up in Democracy being threatened to an extent close to 1812. Regardless I admire your willingness to stand up in your beliefs, period. While many of our constitutional rights are and have been erroding, the choices that these companies have been forced into as being gatekeepers, was pushed upon them by politicians who have no clue.


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