01/13/2021 15:29

$Apple Sit Rep for anyone paying attention..
(9:39) bought nine 1/22-129 puts
Sold all at (9:45) ($205.32 profit)
Waited for another hi point..
(9:51) grabbed Ten 1/22-130 strike puts
(10:05) Sold all ($212.16 profit)

(417.48) profit in 35 Minutes...

Is anyone following and seeing what I’m doing here??? If so.. CONGRATS AGAIN!!!! I’ll be at the Dog Park with the Pups again by linch with a nice days pay locked in...
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All Comments(4)

Hal***com01/13/2021 23:03
Hey man i saw a post from you the orher day that really stUck out to me. About how yoy Ake a living with contracts amd you never hold over night. jusr curious if theirs any tips You can give? Like do you only buy in after drastic changes in price? Or a specific time? And do you only trade apple?

Indicatonater01/13/2021 23:32

Hope that helps someone out there.. I’ll post moves as I make them again tomorrow... Co grats in advance if you come with.. even with 1 or 2 contracts at a time for smaller accts, 100 bucks for the day is better than humpin lumber for 8 hours for about the same imo.. lol

Indicatonater01/13/2021 23:29

So glad some people see some of this! It’s so easy.. But The reason I grab 1/22’s and not 1/15’s is because in the event It backfires I at least have the week + to get out of it in green at some point... may be less of a number but I NEVER ACCEPT A RED NUMBER anymore!.. With strikes that close and 10 days to exp its a gucen tour gonna be able to recover it even if it goes sideways for a minute.. Lol..

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Indicatonater01/13/2021 15:57
Looks like quick Exit on them calls now. no?.. See after the morning blitz I like to sit back and I don’t try to chase stuff after I have hit my daily goal.. That is ALWAYS when I see Some reds on my days chart!.. CLOCKWORK here at aapl for what you and I are doing... Puts or calls or puts AND calls!.. It’s all green to Us!! Lol


ggr***edu01/13/2021 15:56
How much capital do you put up day to day to take positions?

ggr***edu01/13/2021 17:10

All good. i appreciate it nontheless. Good shit! Hope you have fun at the dog park 🐕

Indicatonater01/13/2021 16:34

I deleted some of those replies because I don’t like having all too much out there for all to see Lol..

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kha***com01/13/2021 15:34
Im doing the same thing with calls

Indicatonater01/13/2021 15:42

Yea I like to play it both ways too.. Like yesterday.. I could have grabbed calls when I sold that first bag of puts.. Bein stuck on a Bull or a Bear “Team” is old school ideology!. Lol.. two things that are played like team sports and should NEVER be are stock/option trading and politics... Lol...


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