11/10/2020 21:35

$Aurora Cannabis There is zero reason this should go lower other than this fill the gap to $6. narrative cult, that sadly Investors Business Daily is also a part of imo, its juat another cult is all it is, as soon as it goes under $7. they will all be okay with this going to $30. after, hope they all gets screwed over and it does what they dont expect it to do. Don't subscribe to this cult myself.
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Just a Dogg11/10/2020 22:02
there is alot of reasons for it to go lower... give up ur loss and get puts. made 300% today. could have been you but no your just crying all day


mar***com11/10/2020 21:55
take it easy dude you have been posting every 20 minutes take it easy on yourself you going to have a heart attack


Citrus juiceXP11/10/2020 21:42
how about it heavily bleeding money for the past 2 years and still being in significant debt?


HeyImZach11/10/2020 21:41
this....company....isnt....profitable.....and......is......in.....debt lmao stop being salty your got suckered in and lost all your money. Like a bull led to slaughter you're money is left dwindling for the rest if us the feed off of...


DavidMoney💸11/10/2020 21:38
Whats up Phil.. hows Tesla going?

phi***com11/10/2020 21:49

but Im gonna be a man about it. Got on with 50k on this and im just gonna roll with this. Believe it will be a $100. stock soon. gotta just be a man in life. Like Im complaining but Im gonna hold strong at the same time and know this stock is a victim of this fill the gap cult at the moment, that can backfire on them and they lose a lot of money. a 50% chance that will happen basically.

phi***com11/10/2020 21:46

Im not on Tesla, but I did buy BYND 25k of that for 112 aftermarket and sold for 116, should have held onto the 25k I had on that and put 25k on this. Ive got like all my money 50k on this though at 8.70 a share. Im not on Tesla anymore. but ya would have been nice if I jist stayed on Tesla since 500 a share before the split. Id have like 300k maybe 400k already.


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