11/11/2020 17:03

$Aurora Cannabis I hope none of you bought this purely on hype from last weeks runs. Now pot stocks going back downward to their previous prices before those runs. None or these had much of anything change other than it got hyped up because weed becamE legal in some areas. They still have and produce way more product than they can sell. Still need a stimulus check or some kind of normalcy for people to be able to purchase their product.
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ZenTrading11/11/2020 17:19
I did buy from hype. Made good money. Took profit. Gotta know when to run.

mik***com11/11/2020 17:25

Thata good atleast you made $ from the hype run up instead of holding longer good job. I am a bull and hate bears and i love weed but i am also realiStic on this company after lots of DD


Lil BayBe11/11/2020 17:10
But they will tho... Longer term yes they will lmao . they r gonna get hella funding


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