📈Market Kangaroo📉

11/12/2020 20:21

$Aurora Cannabis Outflow slowing down... If 6.40 doesn’t break, Bears will be in a bit of a pickle. And SSR is already about to trigger, the low is higher than yesterday... Offering about to close, still in FIB. Other variables in play... We will see as the convergence approaches.

Before I was 50.5% BullIish 49.5% Bearish.

I am now leaning 55% Bullish 45% Bearish.

I may be taking a position soon if indicators lean more heavily in either direction. Bears seem to be failing control while under an offering though... Kinda sad.
Aurora Cannabis-0
Aurora Cannabis-1
Aurora Cannabis-2
Aurora Cannabis-3
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Miles O’Tool11/12/2020 20:45
$6.40 i would buy again and exit at 7.45

📈Market Kangaroo📉11/12/2020 21:24

That is a reasonable entry and exit. Not too risky and it’s realistic.


weh***com11/12/2020 20:44
Help me ill help you


corned beef hash investor 11/12/2020 20:29
Jesus Christ I'm going to have an epileptic seizure looking at your charts

man***com11/12/2020 21:33


corned beef hash investor 11/12/2020 20:44

until you have a brain aneurysm lol.... I'm not hating I'm just joking around... if it works for you that's awesome

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PinkLemonade11/12/2020 20:26
Wow interesting


BullNinja11/12/2020 20:23
Good info appreciate it


BeartodayBulltomorrow11/12/2020 20:23
definitely something to keep watching


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