Bud Fox

01/06/2021 18:09

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. For anyone who doesn't understand why this stock isn't trading at the same level $TILRAY, INC. , $Aurora Cannabis or any of the other pot stocks wouldn't have much dd at all to realize why. Just look at the free float. TILRAY for example has around 150 million free float, they also made a 20% jump on 25 million volume today. Sundial has around 750 million free float and has moved about 15% today on 325 million volume so far. If Sundial only had 25 million volume like it wouldn't move at all.

My personal thoughts are that if this company ever wants to see anything over $1 they would need to reduce the free float by 60-70%. Don't get me wrong, I have made good money here, but anything over $1-$1.50 is just unrealistic. Even $1 is high but doable with the volume and hype. You have to remember that at $1 the company would have a $760 million market cap, kinda high for a company that did about $60 million in revenue last year.
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All Comments(6)

Jon***com01/06/2021 18:35
So many people are Clueless to this fact. same thing with moderna and pfizer

Bud Fox01/06/2021 18:44

"Why aren't my beanie babies worth millions?" -probably the same type of person


DEZ NUTZ01/06/2021 18:24
pm it moved up almost .20 cents with 2 mil volume. its all short volume. major squeeze coming believe that.

Bud Fox01/06/2021 18:26

I know it can't happen in a small window, I was mainly talking about the daily chart. There's not a single day it moved over 5% with under 100 million volume. Not everyone's a scalper lol.


Scoop el bag holder01/06/2021 18:20
How do they go about reducing free float?

Bud Fox01/06/2021 18:24

reverse split. 6 to 1 would bring them to 125 million free float.


Miroku01/06/2021 18:14
bro its as if these new investors don't study these things beforehand

Bud Fox01/06/2021 18:15

You would think so but I've literally seen 3 comments in the past 30 minutes wondering why this stock wasn't trading for $5-$10.


SJ01/06/2021 18:13
Well put.. makes alottt of sense
Low floats move faster

Bud Fox01/06/2021 18:23

and less shorts


225****82701/06/2021 18:13
dumb comment. it moved 20 percent with less than 100 million this morning. . look at the chart. only went down during the day bc shorts and Penny traders. but yes you are right about the float but wrong about how much volume it took to move it

AGx0701/06/2021 18:33

It's only a dumb comment if you nitpick the numbers and miss the overall point, which was 100% accurate.

Bud Fox01/06/2021 18:22

My original comment was more on the daily movement. If you look at the daily chart you won't find one day it moved over 5% with under 100 million volume.


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