02/19/2021 11:48

$AquaBounty Tech i want to buy in... BUT, Ark has been selling - NOT buying.

plus - this stocks moves real slow... which is why i HAD like 200 shares at one point and sold out after a month of negative movement.

... and is there ANY REAL catalysts coming.?? how will this stock recover when market is green again VS the other stocks.?

would i buy $AquaBounty Tech over $Bionano Genomics , $Nano Dimension , $SOS Limited

or would i even buy it over my cheaper stocks.? $Sonasoft , $SENSEONICS , $Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc , $Acelrx Pharma

sadly.... i am conflicted about getting back into AQB

Ark - last 6 holdings of AQB
- 8.619m
- 8.550m
- 8.534m
- 8.522m
- 8.507m
- 8.490m
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All Comments(12)

Oystersauce02/19/2021 15:19
If you buy ark etfs you could own everything they own at the exact moment they buy it AND also be exposed to aqb. Looking at your comments thats probably the best part for you.

Oystersauce02/19/2021 15:21

I on the otherhand want aqb to be a much larger % of my portfolio. Catalyst: farms building, american distributer announced


Buy Dip Dips Lower02/19/2021 14:25
Why explain to a 🤡. Don’t invest if you don’t want to 😅


sri***com02/19/2021 12:41
Ark has been rebalancing their portfolio


Vjo***com02/19/2021 12:14
funny. you newbs that just starting trading thinks this is a game stop get rich quick thing. please go to a casino for that. great companies you hold and let it sit and grow. watch your money pile up. only retards wouldn't understand

hor***com02/19/2021 14:22

you're impatient. go play meme stocks. you don't need to announce it in the webull comments my man.

sri***com02/19/2021 14:09

Dude, even Tesla didn’t do anything for 5 years, go check its charts from 2013-2017, it takes years before the stock moves , AQB is a loss making company for now once they have harvest or tuen profitable this year , this stock will move , it is atleast a 5-7 year hold

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Berlios02/19/2021 12:13
Ark holds 7.35 million shares... almost 100 million worth. They have only sold to re organize their portfolio so nndm is 2.5% of it.

Berlios02/19/2021 12:42

sorry mate... im focused on industry leaders, nndm being one of them. haven't done any dd on aqb. I was speaking for nndm

Y0Ki02/19/2021 12:23

but i do not think Ark sold AQB because it was exceeding value... so why would they sell to re-organize.?

i am honestly not here to bash AQB... i am thiking about reinvesting — or buying more of my other stocks or starting a position with AGTC


Vjo***com02/19/2021 12:12
lmao I'm up 115% since nov30.. if thats slow..fine by me🤑

Y0Ki02/19/2021 12:24

yes... but vs BNGO, NNDM.... AQB returb has been slower... and the dip since january makes me hesitate in buying

NOW IS A GREAT time to buy AQB.... this is why i am approaching fellow investors as to why.


RSI Guy02/19/2021 12:06
Ark is selling maybe because they realized it was all hype and might be a cash loan scam. Soo many offerings and not much else besides rumors. Israeli companies tend to have a genetic problem with truth telling.

$Nano Dimension

Y0Ki02/19/2021 12:11

that would include NNDM, correct.? ... but i think Cathy Wood is into Isreali companies...

she also invests in EVGO, i believe... the stock about deep AI learning.


tri***com02/19/2021 12:04
I'm in like what I see with this company

Jason Bulsa02/19/2021 15:58

BNGO = $

Y0Ki02/19/2021 12:17

i like AQB also.... i also like that Ark was in on it.

but, would you put money into it over BNGO - NNDM.??

would u start a position into AQB over AGTC.?? that is my current hirdle right now.? more money into stocks i own - or a new stock - vs AQB.?


Foxindigo02/19/2021 12:02
Don't buy it then.

Y0Ki02/19/2021 12:15

btw, ur lack of motivating buyers does not help people thinking abt buying

if i were someone openly stating FALSE facts about a stock... THEN you should give potential buyers some BULL facts

this won’t help YOUR investment in AQB if u can’t convince real investors over trolls

Y0Ki02/19/2021 12:13

dumb response... i am asking for opinions of WHY i should buy in - again

of course GMO salmon farming on land is a great idea... but, i have limited funds... so, compared to my other stocks—or newer stocks trading at the same stock price, why should i buy AQB.?


blitzshock02/19/2021 12:00
you guys must be new. 397% in 1 month - "THIS sTonK iS not a mOVeR AnY mOrE"

blitzshock02/19/2021 12:46

I bought this stock for 3.2 less than a month ago

Y0Ki02/19/2021 12:09

this stock has been dipping since 1.25... over a month. i am saying that there are better moving stocks

even for long term investment, compared to BNGO - NNDM

i am saying i have a small budget... i am considering a new position

either try AQB again or AGTC.... or put more on BNGO and NNDM

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OnE dAy it Will haPpen02/19/2021 11:58
oooooo 200 stocks you had? 😳 baller!

Y0Ki02/19/2021 12:04

i did not say i have lots of money or that i owned a ton

i have a small account ($40k currently) and want need to keep that portfolio to a small number

this is why i am not sure if i should try AQB again


Crypto Lamb02/19/2021 11:51
Damn rough This stock is not a alow mover anymore


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