11/14/2020 17:31

$AMC Ent Holdg Dont listen to Jas, hes just trying to scare investors because hes worried about his short position next week. They arent going bankrupt. Wonder Woman and comic book movies are terrible anyway. the film industry will suRvive and most likely thrive on streaming revenue. Check out AMC on demand if youre unsure.
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Stocks M.D.11/14/2020 20:25
Lol warning someone usually doesnt entail calling them clowns and idiots. Might be better off building some rapport first in order for your warnings to be taken seriously.


Jas11/14/2020 17:54
Scare investors? U mean warn them


Jas11/14/2020 17:49
Streaming revenue? Lol VOD streaming revenue cant even match the Concessions! wont be enough to cover the 100M month operating expenses AMC HAS LOL from showing old movies to 20% capacity theatres! 400M left which is why they just did another offering.

jac***com11/14/2020 18:14

Also... above my paygrade?!? Im not rich but I try to be responsible. Hows your allowance holding up? Tell your mom I said hello πŸ˜‰ Such a sweetheart taking care of you.

jac***com11/14/2020 18:05

Im genuinely sorry if youre losing big. Not ashamed to admit that ive had trades tank before. Good luck! Youll need it if youre gambling.

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