01/05/2021 17:44

i don't want to see the theaters go. not on my watch. the theaters are a sacred place to our culture. we are in a golden age for content and we can't even see it on the biggest screens and the best sound?! wtf I thought this is america. release content in the theaters the same time it's released on your platforms! $AMC Ent Holdg $Netflix $Amazon.com $Walt Disney $AT&T give the people the option! theaters ain't gonna be nothing if they don't show the best content and the best content won't be anything if it's not shown it the biggest + best quality and sound.
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All Comments(11)

Aviator01/05/2021 19:22
6 months from now, you all will be eating your words with extra butter🍿


Jil***.us01/05/2021 18:36
Amc filing for bankruptcy doesnt mean it goes away. Do people not understand bankruptcy laws?

and***com01/05/2021 19:00

yeahhhh bankruptcy in any pronunciation or any way a person wants to try spinning it, always going to be negative, it means "no $"

Yushi01/05/2021 18:54

And your point is? Just because the company wont go away doesnt make it worth buying. it might survive bankruptcy but it doesnt change the fact that they filed for it in the first place because their business is failing.


chr***com01/05/2021 18:35
"This is America!"

What does that have to do with movie theaters?


ant***com01/05/2021 18:20
Wanna watch it on the best and biggest, go to IMAX. (They're doing fine BTW bc they aren't running their company into the ground due to incompetence & greed.)


Air***com01/05/2021 18:14
Dead and gone get with the times


Makavelli01/05/2021 18:01
Man. Pretty soon you can buy a 100 inch tv cheap.. Tech is jusg going to get cheaper.. 🤔

ant***com01/05/2021 18:18

Invest in a solid home theater room and become party guy. 8k TV $2k on Amazon, 7.1 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar $1k

WavemasterXXL01/05/2021 18:07

52ft X 72ft screen for 50 bucks I'm in. we deserve the best.

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WavemasterXXL01/05/2021 17:53
I'm in at 1.98 but I just want to see kobra kai and hunters in the big screen as well!!! I have my selfish reasons because this is america if we can make mcgregor vs mayweather happen no reason we can't watch out favorite series every week premeir on a big screen as well. imagine game of thrones every week in the theater when it was showing. we are missing out on a massive amount of litness

Don Dotta01/05/2021 17:58

U on to something difrnt my guy


Yushi01/05/2021 17:47
Looks like someone Is bagholding AMC lol


Piñata01/05/2021 17:46
Yea theaters are a thing of the past


Don Dotta01/05/2021 17:45


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