01/13/2021 15:53

$GameStop this was just 5 dollars... props to all you who are riding this but gamestop is a dying company and its serving less purpose. people are buying games electronicly there really is no reason for the middle man anymore. $AMC Ent Holdg AMC is a bad play too but its better then this with way more potential. because it gives a service and something for people to do. once people are vaccinated I believe millions of people are gonna try to take there new families/ dates to the movies. !!! I don't however think it will recover to all time highs.!!
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MisterStarQuality01/14/2021 09:23
Hollywood wont be Hollywood withiut movie theaters and box office #’s. AMC is here to stay! Think about it!


101JWRG01/13/2021 16:13
you have no clue what you are talking about.

973****22401/13/2021 16:22

convincing statement i think im going to listen to you. you seem like you know a lot


Jon***com01/13/2021 15:57
You cant be a bear on comment threads. most people dont trade options so the only way they win is upwards movement.

973****22401/13/2021 15:58

I'm buying puts brother


trashman01/13/2021 15:57


DerelictTradingInc.01/13/2021 15:55
Cant hear you bro. were all the way at the moon...

973****22401/13/2021 15:55

good sell before it turns around


FearMonger01/13/2021 15:55
Lol stfu

973****22401/13/2021 15:56

intelligent comment


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