Ibrakadabra ?

02/18/2021 22:37

$AMC Ent Holdg This congress is clueless. No fraud or manipulation issues where discussed. It seems the questions and answers where pree set. All this clueless crooked politicians and hedgeies working together to hurt us even more. All they have been talking about is how to improve the sistem. What about them loosing on their bets and cowering those shares. No one even touched that. fckrs....🤬🤬🤯🤯
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413****49102/18/2021 23:07
Teven...Tevn....10🪙 said he’s sorry early in and No one hounded his ass by asking the question of exactly why he’s sorry!


Randy Marsh02/18/2021 22:50
The panelists know there’s a time limit so they speak slowly and beat around the bush until they’re saved by the gavel.

Ibrakadabra ?02/18/2021 22:51



JP Moar Gains02/18/2021 22:41
congress is a joke


aug***com02/18/2021 22:40
we will be the ones with more regs


615****46302/18/2021 22:40
They should all be killed.


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$Zomedica Corp I just found out today!!!!!cole 03/02/2021 21:56
$AMC Ent Holdg Still holding STRONG apes!! Dont worry power hour is on the way! STAY STRONG💎💎🙌🙌DeMartiniMillionaire 03/02/2021 18:44
$AMC Ent Holdg this dude is something else, we lost 25 cents during market hours and he's doing a victory lap 🤣🤣ThinkWithYourDipstick 03/02/2021 21:43
$Rocket Companies The amount of people from $GameStop and $AMC Ent Holdg saying "this was a distraction" from those squeezes and calling people idiots, suckers, and morons over it really have the blinders on. I happen to have positions in GME and AMC too, but this was not meant to take anyone from their precious positions elsewhere (which I assume are 100% of their portfolios).

If you're negative on RKT, just admit you didn't read the news about the special dividend, didn't research the earnings of this company, and didn't look at the short interest reports. The news about the dividend came out on Feb 25th when this stock was around $20. It was so obvious that it was going to run. Easy 100%, at least.

It's not a distraction. It's making profit, or gains, or tendies. Whatever the hell you want to call it...it's kind of the whole point.

Anyway, due diligence is rewarded. You shouldn't shun others for taking advantage of a clear opportunity. Don't be envious if you missed out. Just make a note to branch out beyond one or two stocks in the future.

Best of luck with the squeezes. I have high hopes for everyone.Apocalucas 03/02/2021 22:34