02/19/2021 04:10

$AMC Ent Holdg Im still searching and trying to find an exact confirmation of this. Putting high sell limits does seem like it would be affecting price. HF can see all of the sell orders and sell off points, and know exactly where they need to keep the price to keep it low. Tons of volume and the price doesn't budge. Seems like order books show we are all selling at some point and not holding. Causing selling pressure on the market. Turning stock lending off and setting alerts seems the way to go but...Can't be sure right now... We gotta come across somebody with affirmative knowledge on this.
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All Comments(4)

ld8***com02/19/2021 04:31
makes sense. i dont think sell limit is doing any good i actually read that it keeps prices down because when theres tons for sale the demand isnt there which in return keeps price lower i dont know if thats true either i just turn my stock lending off and have no sell limit set

col***com02/19/2021 04:33

Im thinking just setting alerts at levels you want. You have to monitor it more, but if it makes the price move up, I'm all for it.


Weak Handz02/19/2021 04:15
I'm still confused .. I've taken sell limit off and on for the past 4 weeks.. I dunno..

col***com02/19/2021 04:16

I have a sell limit set as well, but I'm questioning it know. But every post says set one and then not to set.


Vuk Alexandros Sikman02/19/2021 04:11
then why would they keep on canceling your sell orders if this was working in their favor?

ld8***com02/19/2021 04:32

good point idk

col***com02/19/2021 04:13

I'm not sure on that. Just trying to figure out exactly what we should be doing. Something is holding this down. I would think it should have gone more than it did today


ItsThunderBro02/19/2021 04:11
Your one post convinces me to put a sell limit

col***com02/19/2021 04:14

Why? Just trying to figure out what the correct way is. It seems something else besides just shorting it keeping it down.


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