02/19/2021 06:09

$AMC Ent Holdg Okay so this was supposed to be a buy and hold remember? I had my sell limits set to 1,250$ for all 74 of my shares till I saw about it and thought about it logically. It makes more sense then a sell limit, because even if you set it high and they havent been filled yet it still shows as we are selling and the algorithm keeps reading it as a sell off when it rises from constant buys everyday. We fell for the set sell limits high because we thought that would mean when they had to cover they would have to cover at what we had set, but obviously its more moving parts then just that. If we dont have a sell limit set then we are holding a sell limit filled or not is still selling and we had strict instructions to just hold not sell. When they’re is no limit set the algorithm reads that we arent selling at all and the suppyly is limited and no one is willing to sell. Right now it’s not appearing as if we’re holding it appears like a huge sell off to the algorithms. We need to HOLD! Thats all we were told to do was hold. Dont sell even with a high limit set that is selling!!!!
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Nob***com02/19/2021 07:29
so when do you set the sell limits? and to what price?


#SaveAmc🔥🚀02/19/2021 06:44
Everyone should do this


?PennyPusher420?02/19/2021 06:41
thank you!... ok im starting to see your point now ... god damn computers ruin everything...🤣😂.. again thank you for making that a little clearer for me...appreciate ya🍻🤙🏽🚀🤞🏼


BOT.BLOCKER02/19/2021 06:21
yup that's what I've been trying to say but being called a shill and HF bot


Mastro02/19/2021 06:20
You just posted this after all the wsb Posts about the same thing. Dont act hight and mighty...

dillweed1202/19/2021 06:46

Its because we all fell for it, we thought they had to cover at what we set it as. We all have set limits high and asked others to but that is still selling even if they havent been filled. Who knows how many the hf have snatched up cause of sell limits set low trying to set it at a 1000. But were not selling even theoretically for a 1000 so we dont need sell limits, they have to cover either way. And they cant without sell limits

LeeeeRoy Jenkins02/19/2021 06:25

I don’t look at reddit so no wsb. I don’t read the forums either. So the only way I could see this info is if someone posted it here, which he did. The more information out there that helps this stock the better I’d say. Who cares who originally stated it? I’m glad for the info. Quit trying to tear someone down who is trying to help.

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