02/19/2021 10:47

$AMC Ent Holdg make sure you read the bottom of the second paragraph

so all the DD I found on setting high sell limits. shows that it has many negatives for us. one of the really bad negatives is it puts a negative pressure on the order books helping to drive the pressure down.

go to the conclusion that the positives do not outweigh the negatives. we need to pivot we are helping the HF to drive ourself into the ground daily. we can take all the high limits off. and still benefit from the positive if there really is one. and put the high cell limits back on when they start to cover

if we take the high settlements off it will take much negative pressure off of the order books. it would not hurt for us to all do this in unison it would help us. if we did this for a couple days we could see how significantly it helped us. remember we can always turn them back on.
AMC Ent Holdg-0
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AMC πŸ’š 1,000 please be kind02/19/2021 11:26
any input would be appreciated, no bots please! lol

StockyBull02/19/2021 11:28

input would be wonderful. we need more DD guys doing DD on this situation. I'll probably just let it go


Riiguy802/19/2021 10:55

StockyBull02/19/2021 10:57

everybody knows I am not a shill I have been a champion for the cause go through my posts. I'm definitely for us not against us you will be able to see clearly if you look take a second my friend.


Jbullish***2102/19/2021 10:54
Bruh honestly their are so many conflicting articles out there about sell limits, Im not sure what to believe at this point πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ.

AMC πŸ’š 1,000 please be kind02/19/2021 11:25

but it could hurt... they did good with thos confusion! how ever i did find this... can't post here m, i'll go back and comment.

M.a***com02/19/2021 11:06

The plan is the plan! HF are totally manipulating this shit! At some Point they can not buy us out!

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Stryker02/19/2021 10:52
and that is a good thing for ppl the know better so why ruin it for us let these morons set there sell limits to 1000 mine will be half at 20 the other half at 25

StockyBull02/19/2021 10:54

those are good numbers and you can move them up as we go if necessary for you.


Anom02/19/2021 10:51
pretty sure hedgies are the ones putting downward pressure.
this is a minor cut if anything compared to being stabbed in the back repeatedly by the HF's

Anom02/19/2021 10:58

fair point, if this turns out to be valid (time will tell) then we will work together and turn them off, im just not feeling it right after 1 late night posts and a couple articles. I just don't believe it compares at all to the damage the hedge funds are doing.

StockyBull02/19/2021 10:54

yes the HF put much more negative pressure on the order book. why would we want to add to it though


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