02/19/2021 11:01

Ya'll need to stop with this discrimination towards anyone who glances at Wallstreetbets. These redditors have created massive amounts of wealth for many individuals... and you better hope jump on board to any company you are invested in. Investors, be it short or long term, make the world turn. If you haven't done your homework and don't have a plan before investing in a company... than you are no different to the people following any type of hype from any community.

Do your DD.
Have a plan.
Investors from anywhere are welcome... because that moves the price and makes me money.
You can't be that ignorant.

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All Comments(15)

Snorkelswab02/19/2021 13:17
Everyone should take your investment advice Emoji Investor...you are always accurate...sorry you are offended when every stock WSB picks is destroyed... ask mommy for a warm glass of milk or to suckle? Read attached... you are a clueless fool and anyone profiting from WSB is ripping off the many...


wal02/19/2021 11:58
I've never imagine a day of someone defending WSB 😂😂🤡🤡🤡

Spo***com02/19/2021 12:43

Hell yeah it did!!!

Berlios02/19/2021 12:27

oh yeah, and that happened yesterday in Congress


RattletheCage02/19/2021 11:55
wallstreetbets please leave this stock alone. go play with facebook or twitter please.

Spo***com02/19/2021 12:44

Boom! Straight roasted your ass!!! Love it

Berlios02/19/2021 11:56

to that effect... whats the difference vs elon musk tweeting something or Cathie Wood emailing everyone what her etfs purchased every day.


Louis Winthorpe III02/19/2021 11:13
I’m a long time wsb member. From before this viral surge.. and i dont care so much that they are here as much as i am Annoyed when they suck up all the air in the room.

Also with the bandwagon newbies... there is so much fake news and misinformation, its become an q anon conspiracy theory headquarters almost. its turned me off to the subreddit lately. who wants to read a million posts about clowns thinking they are winning still Holding gme? Not me.

Berlios02/19/2021 11:21

who's bagholding... certainly not me.

bearkillah02/19/2021 11:16

lol gme and amc bag holding lol

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BNGO GURU02/19/2021 11:08
Shut the hell up. They made few rich but made millions of bagholders that will never see those prices again.

dne***com02/19/2021 11:45

the point of the subreddit isn't to make you money its about yoloing into a stock on some loose dd. Its always been for fun

Berlios02/19/2021 11:11

What are you assuming here? That money invested in companies won't benefit someone? True value companies will rise regardless of who invests... hence why I welcome it.


big jongus dongus02/19/2021 11:07
the money moves in and out and most of you guys get hurt telling eachother to buy in all at once and them leave the half of you guys bag holding cause they bought at the top. then when the other half sells you make whatever stock ur manipulation look likes its having a sell off then the price drops even more. wsb money moves the price the wrong way. you guys are just pumping it for the admins of wsb. hedge funds follow you big mouth idiots and short everything you guys touch right after

Berlios02/19/2021 11:19

Have a plan and follow it. Show me the stocks that didnt hit your price target plan? Was your plan/DD realistic?

big jongus dongus02/19/2021 11:17

Its not my trading abilities. I'm doing fine. I watch the hype tho. and I watch the hedge funds follow and wait for you guy to announce which stock yall wanna hype up next so they can short it. 1/2 ur guys dont even dd they just chase and buy at the top then the rest of you sell and just create bag holders out of the other people if you just screwed over in your own group

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Thin Blue L 🇺🇸02/19/2021 11:05
If your shorting it - go f off

nynja turtle02/19/2021 11:12


Berlios02/19/2021 11:07

you're.... and I'm long. feel free to scroll thru my posts


Berlios02/19/2021 11:05
Feel free to scroll thru my posts...


Nick02/19/2021 11:05
No one cares about wall stret bets lmao theyre old news sorry not sorry

Spo***com02/19/2021 12:55

Small Dongus no one asked for your opinion, go home. your kind isnt wanted here

big jongus dongus02/19/2021 11:09

it flows the wrong way

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tse***com02/19/2021 11:05
I honestly think they caused more people to lose money than gain. the ones who gained are already in the game and had good strategy on entry exiting. the new people who hopped in lost their ass because they dont know how the market works they just followed the trend and saw a get rich quick opportunity which is what it was sold as. just my two cents

Sco***com02/19/2021 13:06

That wasnt WSB, that was the media. WSB had been on GME for months. It was media attention that introduced the world to WSB caused the FOMO that left bagholders. WSB didnt try to bring in new investors. In fact, most of the original WSB hates the new attention and members.

That said, the GME play was 100% correct. And without trading restrictions, would have played out as scripted. It was the right play and anyone left with losses should aim their anger at the parties who shut it down

Berlios02/19/2021 11:24

agreed... im not saying folks should follow hype/speculation... but if they do and my pt's are hit. who am I to complain. an investor is an investor. hopefully my callouts have helped people find entry points before the hype sets in. and so far they have 👍

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bearkillah02/19/2021 11:04
wsb ruins stocks

bearkillah02/19/2021 11:06

you dumb asses follow any trend then bag hold. this ain't wsb material go ruin another stock

Berlios02/19/2021 11:04

just scrolled thru all your posts... what have u offered the community?


bearkillah02/19/2021 11:03
fahk wallstreet bets bich we don't need you

Freekinfreak02/19/2021 15:05

I thought you had to be 18 to trade?

Crack Dealer 102/19/2021 11:05

Ill be at your moms house if you need me


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