02/19/2021 14:55

$AMC Ent Holdg Seems like the hedge funds arent even interested in this stock anymore. Im holding just to see where it goes but I dont see how each week everyone Keeps says “its goin TO THE MOON” “The HFs have to cover themselves!” seems like what everyones waiting for already happened. IDK I was just as hopeful as the next but now im just holding to hold because hold good?
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jos***com02/19/2021 15:03
I dont know what im doing at all fuuuuuuuur sure. Just a fool trying to catch a ride on a lighting bolt 🥶😬🥶😬🥶😬


Viking02/19/2021 15:01
just stay away from the stock market, you are not bright.

jos***com02/19/2021 15:03

😬🥶😬🥶😬🥶😬🥶yet here i am

TopDawg02/19/2021 15:02



Mis***com02/19/2021 14:57
if they weren't paying attention to it anymore then why are they still short laddering it. look at the buy sell transactions, volumes, and the price.


Ceo Obeezy02/19/2021 14:57
most held stock with huge short percentage. if you didn't just listen to webull comments and actually looked at the data you wouldn't be thinking like a weak minded baby boy


Lunimodeus02/19/2021 14:56
This was never a GameStop play. Anyone who thought so was dilusional and a pig. 😂


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