02/19/2021 17:36

$AMC Ent Holdg I don't see why everyone is going back and forth with sell limits. Just a thought to consider... We are all supposed to be holding, but EVERYONE has sell orders in for $20-$1000. So EVERYONE is not holding. Your selling. A sell limit is an order on books. Therefore your not holding, Your SELLING. If HF have all the control, they would have put this in the dirt already and covered. Sell orders being canceled? There are millions being updated and posted daily. It's hard to believe every order will execute with no tech problems whatsoever. Just my opinion, believe what you want.
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lis***com02/19/2021 18:14
I honestly think this is correct. Those shares dont belong to anyone unless a stock certificate is issued. I didn't follow the GME squeeze and I wonder if sell limits were set before it happened?


Maninvest02/19/2021 17:54
Stop lying

col***com02/19/2021 17:56

ya ok, you believe the WSB post made yesterday. They know everything I forgot. my bad.


🦍gorillaglue_diamond_handsπŸ’Ž02/19/2021 17:42
no sell orders no regrets


Ceo Obeezy02/19/2021 17:41
some dude on quora is your source and the only person backing it is from Feb 10th. not very reliable imo. YOU CAN FIND SOMEONE ARGUING LITERALLY ANYTHING. The only time we started hearing this crap about sell limits was three weeks later after shorts running out of shares. idk I have cash app and can't set limits but on the real doesn't seem reputable.

lis***com02/19/2021 18:11

I think this is correct, honestly.

🦍gorillaglue_diamond_handsπŸ’Ž02/19/2021 17:43

thankyou. there is hope. we hold the line

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