02/19/2021 18:42

$Energy Fuels the US has absolutely no way to meet the agreements of the Paris Accord by 2050, or affordably meet the demands of the electric vehicle technology Revolution, without the reliability, efficiency, and clean power generation of nuclear power. besides this, the Catalyst of inflationary monetary policy is beginning to see some major action in commodities. copper, aluminum, steel, uranium, oil, coal, are all starting to run as bond yields are beginning to rise, indicating the potential beginning of a commodities supercycle If the Fed can properly manage the rate of inflation versus GDP growth.

Michael burry has joined the party on uranium, and Stan druckenmiller says that he is very, very long on commodities.

uranium is the king of commodity SuperCycles. back in 2007, Energy Fuels ran from 1.83 a share, to $200, in about 15 months. they are the largest uranium processor and miner in the United States, and have no debt. I don't know what there is not to love about this one.

$Occidental $TESLA $Hyliion Holdings Corporation $XL Fleet $NIO Inc. $AMC Ent Holdg $GameStop $Zomedica Corp $Nikola Corporation
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cremebrulee02/19/2021 19:15
Hesenberg you talked anout uranium. what about vanadium and what about rare earth metals, both that energy fuels does?

cremebrulee02/19/2021 21:20

The way i see it, Energy Fuels specifcally has three big tailwinds. Uranium. Vanadium for EVs as you talked about. and then investment into rare earths. So why is this still $5? Whats missing?

Heisenberg02/19/2021 19:51

the idea of redox flow battery, or highly-efficient neodymium electric stator Motors, is certainly the wave of the future, but infrastructurally they will depend on the uranium industry to generate the carbon free Power necessary to make an electric vehicle industry even feasible. otherwise, we are just going to use more fossil fuels to generate the electricity to power our cars, and if we are really sticking to the Paris accord, except by bldg a bunch of hydroelectric dams, this is the only way

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Sea***com02/19/2021 18:47
Bro we can't do anything here. In 20 years we will be a failed state. I'll see youn in the caves

Heisenberg02/19/2021 18:57

if America, in its entirety, as a concept, fails? I have bigger problems to worry about than the performance of my portfolio. I try to remain optimistic about investment on the basis that, if it all goes to shit, then the pessimistic case doesn't matter, because we will all be setting up clandestine cabin gardens in the woods and money won't exist anymore


Neto02/19/2021 18:45
Stop spamming other stocks comment

Mr.Humblestonks02/19/2021 20:52

Shut it neto this is good spam with educational and useful info

Heisenberg02/19/2021 18:58

1000% *conservatively*. in 07 it cycled up to an 8000% gain...

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ThinkWithYourDipstick02/19/2021 18:44
ffs stick to your own stock forum

Mr.Humblestonks02/19/2021 20:53

Gme noob

Heisenberg02/19/2021 18:55

so, what you are saying is, you hate money?


PinkElephants02/19/2021 18:44
You said a lot bro Im gonna check this out due to that effort 👍🏻

PinkElephants02/21/2021 01:50

Impressive research

Heisenberg02/19/2021 19:01

and the best part is, that nobody is paying attention to it at all, while if you look behind the scenes, all of the pieces are in play for a revitalization of the nuclear industry over the next decade. China has committed to quadrupling its number of nuclear reactors in the next 10 to 15 years. there are a ton of positive catalysts for the industry, especially since it is starting to become politically climateable again


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