02/19/2021 19:44

$AMC Ent Holdg people saying put in a high sell order. STOP! THIS IS FALSE! putting in a sell order drops the price. doesn't matter how high it is. it's negative pressure on the stock.โ€‹ people have been calling me a bear for saying this. saying only sales effect the price. okay then. if nobody is selling how is the price moving. do you really think that the algos that manage the price dont look at all the sell orders?
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All Comments(8)

?Floorseeker?02/19/2021 19:49
Fake news ๐Ÿ“ฐ


ros***com02/19/2021 19:48
day traders and shorts is why its moving imo


Rac***com02/19/2021 19:47
if you dont have a sell order on your shares they can be used or borrowed so do some research look it up on Google not that hard

jas***com02/19/2021 19:48

or you can just turn off lending


Steve02/19/2021 19:47
Why was no one saying this weeks ago when everyone was influencing setting sell limits?

SirLipton02/19/2021 20:06

Setting high sell limits is common for all stocks. people have been doing it dor years

BullyStocks02/19/2021 19:58

who's to say it wasn't the shorts putting the sell limit idea out there, knowing it would favor them?


JustARandomInvestor02/19/2021 19:45
don't listen to this short seller

jas***com02/19/2021 19:47

lol you wanna see my portfolio. still holding 101 shares


Don***com02/19/2021 19:45
Youโ€™re brainwashed

jas***com02/19/2021 19:46

lol I'm brainwashed because I'm thinking for myself instead of just saying yes to whatever gets posted here... okay


Jonathon Wellinger02/19/2021 19:45
they called me a bot earlier for saying something similiar.


SirLipton02/19/2021 19:44
Fake news

jas***com02/19/2021 19:45

lol use your brain for a second man


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