02/19/2021 20:58

$AMC Ent Holdg TreyTrades just confirmed that setting high sell limits stops short sellers from using your shares to short. Now, while he is no financial advisor, the man does far more due diligence than a lot of you strangers whom have shown me no proof of why i should remove the limits; therefore, if you jump in my comments with ya bs, you’re a bot and will be blocked
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Ceo Obeezy02/19/2021 21:29
bots only started talking about limit once lendable shares got low. that's not a coincidence. not to mention they were caught up on how sell limit cause selling pressure when that doesn't even matter when they are short laddering a stonk. They are creating unnatural pressure to begin with setting sell limits isn't going to hurt much more than the shorts manipulation. what is the most important thing right now is not vol it's the share lendable. IF WE GET AS MANY SHARES ON A LIMIT THEY CANT LEND THEM CAUSING MANIPULATION TO STOP

Steve02/19/2021 21:31

Exactly. Well said brotha


AshTruthBrew02/19/2021 21:10
Thry would only let me set mine at $250 shr I tried to go higher after it was set and it canceled my sale. Im just keeping it there until it goes up at bit then i will modify again. Also for those who arent aware, leavE the Stock lending program too.

Steve02/19/2021 21:12

Yeah, the brokers are acting very suspect


Awesomest Maximus02/19/2021 21:09
A friend of mine wasnt able to set a sell limit and the stockbrocker sold half of his shares for $5 a share. He got a notification saying they were being sold.

Steve02/19/2021 21:11

That’s absolute bullsh*t smfh. These brokers are just as much against us and it’s screwed up


StockyBull02/19/2021 21:07
I'm going to have to watch it! I trust his opinion more than anyone on this platform. and have to admit his DD is better than mine I'll check it out

Steve02/19/2021 21:08

His closing bell LIVE stream. He is on right now but rewind back a bit


AMC 💚 1,000 please be kind02/19/2021 21:06
i been saying that it wouldn't be knocking us out and canceling our limits if it was not helping HF's... so glad i kept mine set.

StockyBull02/19/2021 21:08

I stand corrected I'm going to have to go check out the video on YouTube with Trey's trades! I trust his opinion.

Steve02/19/2021 21:07

Facts 💎


mar***com02/19/2021 21:03
All these bag holders so paranoid about people trying to convince them to sell their grabage. Cling onto your handful of nothing forever, nobody really cares one way or another.

NavientDesperada02/19/2021 21:08

BREAKING: "nobody really cares" says random person repeatedly trolling a message board in an ironically failed effort to show how much they don't care.


🦍gorillaglue_diamond_hands💎02/19/2021 21:01
this a lie they need your stock we dont sell

Steve02/19/2021 21:05

You may be an Ape but i dont believe the trash you’re pushing. I’m not removing the limits 🤷🏾‍♂️


Jbullish***2102/19/2021 20:59
No need to block...💎🙌🏾

pix***com02/19/2021 21:07

what's the difference in splitting your limits among different quantities of shares? I got all mine in one batch. Is there any difference?

Steve02/19/2021 21:01

You have my love my fellow Ape 🦍


Maninvest02/19/2021 20:59
Hes not wrong

Steve02/19/2021 21:01



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