02/20/2021 02:37

$AMC Ent Holdg because of the mixed messages everyone on here has been saying about sell limits, id like to clarify something. in order to get a better understanding of this, i spoke to my friends dad, who has been a stock broker and finnancial advisor for over 30years. he said that when limit sell orders are placed on securities, it does indeed negatively impact the stocks price. but he also mentioned the price of it matters, if the strike is closer to the current market price, it will have a bigger impact. before you call me a bot or a shill ive been invested in AMC since september/november of last year, and will post my positions if requested. but the point is remove your sell limit orders, and just watch the stock. especially those of you setting it at 100-500. lets blow this up.
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WhatAmIDoing02/20/2021 03:02
To clarify...it doesn’t matter AT ALL if you set a high linit or not unless you actually sell your shares. Setting a high limit just makes you feel good and if that’s all it’s doing that’s still fine.


tinytink02/20/2021 02:53
not limit set for me, lending is off. i watch daily, whwn i decide to sell. i will hit the button, but too much talk of cancelation of sell limits, no thanks. my limit is when i decide its right for me.

SquintMG02/20/2021 03:01



ThetaKills02/20/2021 02:50
If i create an algorithm and only have variable like you mentioned as sell % i would go bAnkrupt. algo has lot of variables to calculate. If set sell would bring the price down why use short ladder they can just get the price down by setting sell orders for whatever amount if amount wasnt a variable.


SquintMG02/20/2021 03:02

because sell limits arent nearly as effective as a laddering attack as the shares are yet to be sold.


Stonkdoofus02/20/2021 02:49
So you are saying set them higher. Got it.

SquintMG02/20/2021 03:03

better than having them lower


MARTHA02/20/2021 02:48
Does it really matter at this point if we have the 99.2%?

SquintMG02/20/2021 02:49

yeah becayse its all about supply and demand, and technically still a sell limit order for 1000is a sell order


RPESI02/20/2021 02:43
Ok ,
Ill lower my sell limit when this order sells.

πŸŽ€NiniπŸ’ŽπŸš€πŸ’°02/20/2021 03:09

Just read. do you own research if you need. dont be ignorant

SquintMG02/20/2021 03:03


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$AMCwillBeBiggerThan$GME02/20/2021 02:41
to clarify, limit prices set closer to current price hurts it worse or less?

SquintMG02/20/2021 03:03

just erase your limits and watch rhe orice manually

$AMCwillBeBiggerThan$GME02/20/2021 02:44

oh, well ofc i understand if they actually execute πŸ˜†

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@iamemmanuelwilliams02/20/2021 02:40
I dont listen to suits

SquintMG02/20/2021 02:42

lol im as non suit as it gets, check the rest of my comments fool. i want this stock to blow up just as much as the rest of us.


MARTHA02/20/2021 02:39
But what does your friend's dad's wife's boyfriend have to say about it?

SquintMG02/20/2021 02:39

she said dont put sell limits or else well be sleeping on the floor


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