02/20/2021 08:04

$AMC Ent Holdg The 25th or so is the earnings report for up to december, the worst sales in decades. If amc still beats the estimated loss expected this could squeze just from that... if it doEsnt the insTituTions may sale their positions (which are very small percentage wise anyway.... black rock is only 1.3%).... which will push price doWn. If no one is picking those up if it happens chances of swueeze are bad. my guess is they arent paying back because thats only next week.
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cha***com02/20/2021 08:32
they institution wont sell there shares if there is no squeeze this is still a good stock squeeze or no squeeze every other theater stock is 20+ and amc is the biggest and the pandamic looks almost over lol

Wubulubdubdub02/20/2021 08:53

Institutions ALWAYS sale if the eps is off and buy from it as well. Always.

cha***com02/20/2021 08:33

the institution*


ray***.ca02/20/2021 08:23
think about it. theatres aren't going anywhere

Wubulubdubdub02/20/2021 08:55

I agree but insTitutions buy and sAle off the earning reports as well, and the 25th is thr next one


G83 (AMC$1000)02/20/2021 08:12
earnings will be crap, everybody that knows about the pandemic (the whole world) can tell u that... its the future, post pandemic, that institutions and ppl are betting on.

Wubulubdubdub02/20/2021 08:54

Just pay More attention that day


buz***com02/20/2021 08:05
very uneducated. How much they paying you???

Wubulubdubdub02/20/2021 08:07

You dummy i own a ton of shares of this ill Lose a ton if it doesnt squeeze lol


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