02/20/2021 13:14

$AMC Ent Holdg What scares me the most are people who trade into this stock on brokers that offer no forums with the ability to talk about things. For example, if every person who holds this stock on webull set sells at $1K, how many people on other brokers dont know that or dont understand why. Thats the question that keeps me wondering if this will ever get to where we want it. It needs more public communication not just here.
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pag***com02/20/2021 13:44
I ll be honest. I have 2000 shares here, and 1100 at Etrade. At Etrade, I bought right on time with an average of 5.75. Here Iamlosing 5ks or more.
My point.
I set some to 85 limit, others at 100, 150 and 200.
If the short squeeze does not happen, this stock can go up to between 15 and 25 before the year ends.

ale***com02/20/2021 14:15



Kenneth C.02/20/2021 13:43
I ain't Selling unless the minimum is 10k+ or 20k for the HedgeFunds that have Billions in their banks a 10k is like $10.00 for them the HedgeFunds but for us is a Life Changing. I won't allow them to Buy cheap like they are poor because they are not. they Have to pay a lot $$ for all those years they play us by this Rigged Market system people losing jobs over their short bid while they were making Billions out of it. 💎🙌💎 It's Time for us to get Those few 100 thousand + as minimum


860****92102/20/2021 13:40
Trust me that 1000 sell limit will be all over youtube as soon as this baby take off. the only way these people wont see that sell limit is only if they dont use social media

MikeB02/20/2021 13:42

Yeah and those are the people i worry about. People in my dads generation who come from the old school level of trading. Who are skeptical abd question everything. Saying this isnt possible. If everyone was 100% on boatd this wouldnt be a question. The squeeze would be HUGE, but because of those people i worry.


U_Fyrmo02/20/2021 13:27
I wondered this too!!!


Skeptic😕02/20/2021 13:20
I'm Canadian and trade through my bank app with no forum...that is why I use Webull to understand things more. As a Canadian, I cannot use Webull to trade, yet. webull has better charts than my bank app. many more people are on Webull than just Webull traders.
this community is awesome by the way.


Mr.Nobody6902/20/2021 13:17
I dont trade here but have a sell limit as high as they let me. I come here for this forum and advice. I also like the charts more.

MikeB02/20/2021 13:20

Yeah i get spreading the word but i wonder what percentage of others do we touch. Maybe we think its 50-76% but maybe its really only 1-2% of all stock holders. I know what my target is because of the shareholders and information we talk about on here. Plus all the DD. Some people buy stocks and dont care about the “other” stuff that we look at


amc100002/20/2021 13:17
thats why we post on other platforms becasue they will be on other ones


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