02/20/2021 16:17

$AMC Ent Holdg Enough is Enough. Stop fooling others to jump of a cliff in the hope they land on a mattress that saves their life and makes them rich.

If things were that easy, we will not have e
a working class slaving for the rich.
If you want to be rich, do it slowly, step by step.

The investment newbies who lost money speculating on GameStop Corp. shares made a classic mistake: They tried to push up the share price through their own purchases.

That did not work and never has, says Lasse Pedersen, a finance professor at Copenhagen Business School and a principal at AQR Capital Management, the big Greenwich, Conn.-based investment manager. He spoke in his academic capacity on Feb. 19 in a webinar hosted by Princeton University economist Markus Brunnermeier.

By buying shares to make them go up, you’re acquiring them at steadily higher prices. When you start to sell and your selling inevitably pushes the shares back down, your average sales price will be lower than your average purchase price, which is a long way of saying you will lose money, Pedersen said.
As I have and keep saying, If it is not the companies performance that is driving the stock price up, it is not worth the risk. Specifically if you are new to the market. Please be careful young people and new investors. Trust experience.

I am not saying this stock amd others like it will not go up on hype and retail investors driving the pps higher, the problem is, it is not sustainable, it will come crashing as most will want to sell to take profit.

I hope this helps.
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Champ02/20/2021 19:05
I get you but no matter whats its bottom dollar In a mater of 3 months or so it definitely Be10/15 dollar stock so its not even close to a Jump off cliff loss


Hugh Jassole 02/20/2021 18:42
well said!!!


G83 (AMC$1000)02/20/2021 16:34
Who says this will be easy?? The whole World has to come together to exploit the loop hole hedgefunds have used against us since the beginning of trading to take our money... its our turn now to use the same loop hole to our benefit.

Numbers don't lie, hedge funds lie, with their manipulation of stocks and media... We just like the stock and want to protect our favorite pass time.

S.Crawford201202/20/2021 16:38

Good luck my friend. I wish you nothing but the best.


jos***com02/20/2021 16:32
You must consider the endeavor of the common minded (reluctant to say collective) reatail investor is new and different. Anyone who says it is not and who choose to rely on arguments of authority to undermine this are missing what is happening.

I in concert with many will buy what I can afford to lose.

jos***com02/20/2021 16:50

Thank you and please continue to keep posting. I'm not a pretend ape, attached to an imaginary rocket going to the moon. What if my investment truly goes to the moon? Its worth the price of admission and to boot $AMC is not going away now.

S.Crawford201202/20/2021 16:39

With you and the rest of the retail investors all the best.


Jbullish***2102/20/2021 16:29


StockyBull02/20/2021 16:21
nobody's paying attention to your deception this is a triple wind situation. if the spike doesn't happen which is one of the ways to win then there's the acquisition there is good talks of big companies buying AMC out now that they're out of debt. if that doesn't happen. AMC is no longer bankrupt and moving towards streaming to diversify their earning reports are going to be great going forward close theaters are opening open theaters or booming. this is a great swing through this summer. big institutional investors are buying in you're telling me they're delusional period.this is a great investment and you cannot convince anyone otherwise we are following the big money and writing their coattails. because they know what they're doing. we choose to invest in this and nothing you can say we'll stop us. take that mask off wipe away the tears and let us worry about our own money no one talked us into this

JeffreyGL02/20/2021 17:58

Valid?... without facts, all OpinIons have the same validity

S.Crawford201202/20/2021 16:26

Stop Misleading people with Hype. If you know how to read and understand what I am saying, you wouldn't be sending me such foolish messages.
The only one deceiving people are those that keep pumping while sitting at home with no clue what is truly going on inside the company, unless you are an insider, nothing you say is valid.
Grow up son.


datthestat02/20/2021 16:21


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$Zomedica Corp I just found out today!!!!!cole 03/02/2021 21:56
$AMC Ent Holdg Still holding STRONG apes!! Dont worry power hour is on the way! STAY STRONG💎💎🙌🙌DeMartiniMillionaire 03/02/2021 18:44
$AMC Ent Holdg this dude is something else, we lost 25 cents during market hours and he's doing a victory lap 🤣🤣ThinkWithYourDipstick 03/02/2021 21:43
$Rocket Companies The amount of people from $GameStop and $AMC Ent Holdg saying "this was a distraction" from those squeezes and calling people idiots, suckers, and morons over it really have the blinders on. I happen to have positions in GME and AMC too, but this was not meant to take anyone from their precious positions elsewhere (which I assume are 100% of their portfolios).

If you're negative on RKT, just admit you didn't read the news about the special dividend, didn't research the earnings of this company, and didn't look at the short interest reports. The news about the dividend came out on Feb 25th when this stock was around $20. It was so obvious that it was going to run. Easy 100%, at least.

It's not a distraction. It's making profit, or gains, or tendies. Whatever the hell you want to call it...it's kind of the whole point.

Anyway, due diligence is rewarded. You shouldn't shun others for taking advantage of a clear opportunity. Don't be envious if you missed out. Just make a note to branch out beyond one or two stocks in the future.

Best of luck with the squeezes. I have high hopes for everyone.Apocalucas 03/02/2021 22:34