02/20/2021 17:53

$XLM Steller Lumens could be poised for a huge breakout! πŸ”₯XLMπŸ”₯ could Potentially Break $1.00 before end of Feb and Perhaps $5.00 end of Q1 2021.

Few Reasons for this massive surge in Price.

1# Reduction of Supply to 50 Billion will Give Huge Boost to Overall Supply and Demand πŸš€

2# $5 Million Contract with Wyre to Upgrade Steller Platform πŸš€

3# Rapid Adoption of Steller by National Governments and Financial Institutions. πŸš€

4# USDC Now added to Steller Lumens Platform πŸš€

5# Lumens is perhaps altcoin with fastest transaction times, faster than Ada and Eth. πŸš€

6# Lumens gas fees are microcents compared to Eth πŸš€

7# Lumens has gained backing by major investors such as Greyscale and Blackrock... They generally don't make bad bets. πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€

8# XLM is Domainant Crypto and Leader in Remittance (Money Sent and Transferred to Another Party/Practical Application) πŸš€

#9 Over 300% Vendor Expansion in 2020 πŸš€ πŸš€

I'm not financial investor, no promises in market, but alot of exciting things happening here at XLM. I have a big position here myself.

XLM can be purchased on Voyager App!
Ref Code 🌟 JACB35 🌟

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All Comments(10)

wee***com02/20/2021 20:02
XLM, DNT, GRT are all showing great gains. DNT and GRT are both up 600-700% since Christmas and holding at the new level. Xlm is up 300% in the same period. My entire crypto portfolio is up 300% in this same period. 10k in one of my checking accounts earned 0 in the past 9 months. Like I said in 2008, we should've let the banks collapse and never bailed them out.


Major Suicide02/20/2021 18:35
where can you invest in this one?

Swiftwind02/20/2021 18:36

I user Voyager Mobile App. Referral code JACB35


Keith02/20/2021 18:33
Not supported for a reason
Shit show


Dtoro02/20/2021 18:23
Get you some ADA

Swiftwind02/20/2021 18:23

I have ada


SwaYne02/20/2021 18:13
Not happening


Skippingrhyme 02/20/2021 18:02
where do they sell it? it's not supported for me on webull

Swiftwind02/20/2021 18:09

use Voyager Mobile App for crypto trading. you earn interest on your coins. My referral code is JACB35


Matt02/20/2021 18:01
XLM is the new ETH.


Matt02/20/2021 18:01


hedgiesuckballs6902/20/2021 17:59
dropped 100 and its down to 88


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