02/20/2021 22:50

$AMC Ent Holdg I’ve been saying this since thursday night. I had my limits set high too because it sounded like a good idea. But when you think about it sale limits make no sense if we are supposed to be holding. A sell limit is still viewed as a sale and that the stock is in high supply when it isnt. NO SALE LIMITS=PRICELESS
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Maninvest02/20/2021 23:12
Sell limits are set so hedgIes cant buy your shares at the first sign of profit if what you were saying was the case they wouldnt cancel high sell orders and accept lower ones they most definitely know your sell order amount theres no algo for sell limit you can go right ahead and verify with your broker

dillweed1202/20/2021 23:16

Yes they would. Sell limits aren’t because of that if you have no self control that sucks. And when you set them they are picking through them buying at lower rates. Not only that it looks like a mass sell off instead Of that we’re holding. And WSBElites is fake btw buddy. Im a 💎👐🦍 and have been and this is why they are picking us apart cause sale limits made sense at first but its still selling and we need to HOLD! This is hurting us not helping


Midlife Vices02/20/2021 22:58

dillweed1202/20/2021 23:02

Yeah cool but I have done more research then that. With all of us setting sell limits it looks like a mass sell off and they are picking us apart by making the supply seem like a ton more then it is. THATS WHY WE HOLD SO THE BOOKS SHOW THE SUPPLY IS LIMITED AND THE DEMAND IS HIGH CAUSING PRICES TO RISE! Sell limits arent bad if its going up and you set it to not miss a exit but with us all setting it it looks like instead of everyone holding were actually all selling.


holdin02/20/2021 22:57
and family stickin together the whole way

holdin02/20/2021 22:58

AMC family


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