02/21/2021 00:19

$AMC Ent Holdg I say this with utmost respect, but anyone hating on #Trey is missing one key fundamental point: he is, first and foremost, an entertainer. And a damn good one at that. Unless you’ve performed live in front of an audience (in person or virtually), you have no idea how difficult it is and how commonplace mistakes are...even with the most experienced. So lay off He’s smart, he’s passionate, he’s damn fun to watch, and he’s a valuable source of info for me, even its just for the Ortex screenshots!! 😂 Seriously, stop hatin on the man and just enjoy his streams y’all
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All Comments(5)

Codemanski02/21/2021 01:45
i haven't seen anyone hating on trey.


MrKim02/21/2021 00:46
Trey’s a humble dude! Gorilla Gang

Mahatmah02/21/2021 00:50

🦍 🦍🦍 🙌💎🙌


Alphabullish00702/21/2021 00:39
he is a decent honest guy he doesn't inflate his account he is your average hard working person and always going to be haters no matter what . Let him know this is not a DEAD CAT DEAD CAT DEAD CAT DEAD CAT

Mahatmah02/21/2021 00:45

Say “NOT A DEAD CAT NOT A DEAD CAT” as many times as you can as fast as you can out loud...it’s a tongue twister 😂


Chrisprop4p02/21/2021 00:31
I literally just watched another Youtubers video and he was reporting the same numbers as Trey...obviously Trey wasnt the only perSon that percieved the info that he gathered in that same manner...he apologized which was the right thing to do, but its really not a big deal. all of this stuff is speculative. Anyone offended by the info, should just chill out. its literally not a big deal.

Mahatmah02/21/2021 00:45



StockyBull02/21/2021 00:22
people make mistakes. he just makes less of them and can admit when he's wrong speaks multitudes of his character! dude rocks. all his information going forward is going to be much more valid he'll be way more careful and his DD game is going to get stronger now.

Mahatmah02/21/2021 00:28

My only issue with him is his interpretations/explanations of what certain statistics mean sometimes. But like I was sayin, I enjoy his streams and will continue to watch cause I like the cut of his jib


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