02/21/2021 02:59

$AMC Ent Holdg I think we need to just hold and stop talking so much . it's so funny how all the you tubers were all behind this now they all changing there minds . Matthey perry is on board with hf mike khors is now on board and I hate to say it but the last hope trey trades is now on board . they have to show me position they have and what they sold at . because as a person who making videos they don't have as many shares as I have so I don't list them . it's like invasion of the body snatchers.... fuxk a like and fuxk subscribing.. get a job. if you wanna make videos cool !! but don't expect to get paid to keep saying I'm not a financial advisor. talk about the godaxm weather then . stop giving advice but not giving advice .
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All Comments(10)

TopHawg02/21/2021 03:22
No one is changing their minds. Most are apologizing just for one piece of information but still bullish

BROWN BULLY 02/21/2021 03:24

I understand that . but he has changed his who attitude towards the stock he said he not a financial advisor so who gives a shit what he said . apparently he do . and I'm holding will show my position at any time just tired of the bull


YeshuaHand02/21/2021 03:17
weatherman ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

YeshuaHand02/21/2021 03:25

its pretty much hit or miss with those weather predictions its 50/50 ๐Ÿ˜‚

BROWN BULLY 02/21/2021 03:18

hey its gonna rain but I'm not a weather guy...lmao


BROWN BULLY 02/21/2021 03:09
lmao it's like saying ima tell you how to change a pamper, but I'm not a babysitter. asshoxse......


Mastro02/21/2021 03:06


Min***com02/21/2021 03:03


dillweed1202/21/2021 03:02

BROWN BULLY 02/21/2021 03:03

I'm holding


Magenta Riddim02/21/2021 03:02
Its just a disclaimer breh....for legal purposes. Let them preach what they want and just HOLD

BROWN BULLY 02/21/2021 03:03

I agree and I'm holding but they need to stop using this movement to get likes . or grow they channel


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