02/21/2021 10:11

$AMC Ent Holdg
“The rundown on AMC”. If the news is starting to mention AMC more and talk negatively, that just tells me we are getting close to something happening. Its important not to put a date on anything. Seems like more of us are taking negative news into positive motivation, and thats a great sign. This just makes me believe in the stonk even more, wouldnt surprise me if ole Melvin and Citadal are paying the news off. Seeing all these bots post more and more each week, another tip off.. Shorties are starting to panic. Adding more to my AMC savings account this week😂 Im optimistic that a squeeze will happen, but in my head this stock will go up regardless, it just takes time. I truly believe in this stock based off my own research and nobody can persuade me differently. WE ARE NOT F**king leaving❗️ HOLD THE LINE✔️
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Zen02/21/2021 11:07
Isnt tHat the truth. I am loading more . I like AMC stonk


DiamondBackGorilla02/21/2021 10:48


LimpLogs02/21/2021 10:15
Preach we aint going nowhere! Im trying to grab 500 more shares monday at least

Phi***com02/21/2021 11:14

Hit me up on snapchat, Philipr14, even though i barely use it. And i will try to answer any questions you might have.

Phi***com02/21/2021 11:12

Im new to calls, just started options in december but ive learned a ton and ive had huge gains, and some dissapointing losses. From the mistakes I’ve made from short expirations, I have learned to buy calls in a dip and pay up for the longer expirations. I will be buying calls for amc 4 months to a year out to give it time to go up. From my understanding if you are sitting long on a call like you are with shares you can make hella profit in the long run.

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