02/21/2021 10:35

$AMC Ent Holdg
If you havent already, do research on the Volkswagen short squeeze in 2008. Short interest was way lower than AMC. If the squeeze does indeed happen it could take longer than the Volkswagen squeeze. The price was trading sideways for a good two months leading up to a huge 500% rise by the end of October 2008. Expect the unexpected. This could dip more before a squeeze, this could carry out longer than any other squeeze due to more advanced technology. Lets hope these hedge funds illegally naked shorting stocks will get caught red handed. At this point who knows, prepare for the worst and the best will feel much more sweeter🎯
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aly bull02/21/2021 12:37
this is the digital age now, things go faster now.

Phi***com02/21/2021 13:57

I see what you are saying but like the guy above said, my point was Hedgefunds will always have more access especially with what they can get away with like Algorithms and news sources.

chy***com02/21/2021 12:42

Yeah... But his point was that HFs likely have access to more sophisticated means of manipulation.


NastyBeaver02/21/2021 12:34
Ahhhhahahahahahahahahahhaha...Stilltalking about sqeeze here....should just STFU about it and let it happen...whatever we do anyway get ladder down so why are you talking crap guys ???

Phi***com02/21/2021 13:55

The potential is there but im not relying on a squeeze whatsoever


Dgreen29 02/21/2021 12:29
I just wanna see green at 8 and then holding gets a lot less stressful lmao

Phi***com02/21/2021 13:58

Its not even stressful to me anymore, but 8 would be a lot more satisfying


sko***com02/21/2021 12:22
I've been warning of this for awhile now, that we may be holding for another month or so. we have no idea when HF's and short sellers are going to give up. they can drag this out for a long time if the price stays down

Phi***com02/21/2021 13:59

There really is no timeframe with how long they can comtinue to do these short ladder attacks. We just have to ignore negativity and not get emotions involved


Keeps Dippin02/21/2021 11:53
We are almost 1 month in. 2 more to go

Phi***com02/21/2021 14:00

Regardless, hopefully in 3 month things start to get back to normal anyway and movies start dropping!


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