I'm not f***ing selling🖕🏾

02/21/2021 17:19

$AMC Ent Holdg all the big institutions yall see starting to invest in AMC are not there to be on our side they are there to in fact keep the price in check to make sure it don't squeeze by helping the other hedges funds to make sure they have shares to keep the price low thats why most institutions you saw buyin was hedge funds basically they are helping each other out black rock and all the rest of them are against us we must take them all down and when shares got to low they den took it upon themselves to short the ETF that holds AMC shares while most of there hedge funds friends sharted buyin stakes in the company for future shorting of the stock and by shorting the ETF that gave them access to money to keep buyin AMC shares at a lower price buyin 100 to 1k at a time very fast...short lattering
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I'm not f***ing selling🖕🏾02/21/2021 18:05
go watch this


Myplytm02/21/2021 18:04
You’re a fool.

The bignhiyses are long time blue blood old money. They despise the Johnny come lately Hedge Fund slick Ricks.

Those big boys - with thwir multi-TRILLION dollar funds - are who the hedgies borrow their float cash from.

Blackeock, Vanguard and the like are playing both ends and there is no loyalty anongst thieves. They will take their Lound of flesh and more in interest until call then turn around and milk the squeeze and take even more from the hedgies at the same time that they ride the wave and pull triple ended profits.

Look at a whole scenario and situation before you stick your foot in your mouth and try to scare people off with a false assumption.

I'm not f***ing selling🖕🏾02/21/2021 18:08

you aint talkin about anything important right im giving yall facts u making assumptions based off of thin air


Shopahorra02/21/2021 18:03
this comment isnt too far fetched. i dont trust any corporation. but lest just watch and see. im still holding no matter what


goblue02/21/2021 17:42
calling him a bot but what he says it makes sense tho I have patience but its wearing thin. guarantee this goes back down to 5.50 tomorrow


Ben02/21/2021 17:34


AMCs meme cannon💥02/21/2021 17:23
They are either on their side, or smell blood in the water. time will tell

AMCs meme cannon💥02/21/2021 17:36

How can you be so sure? they stand to make billions off this stock skyrocketing. From a capitalist standpoint the answer is obvious.

I'm not f***ing selling🖕🏾02/21/2021 17:25

they on their side


luk***com02/21/2021 17:20
Jesus mate...... Punctuation!

I'm not f***ing selling🖕🏾02/21/2021 17:27

show me yall shares in AMC 😂😂😂😂

I'm not f***ing selling🖕🏾02/21/2021 17:24

both of yall bots

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