Simpl€ Mechanic$

02/22/2021 10:49

Law of supply and demand..Value moves down when over supplied.. Price moves up with over demand. (think PS5)
Without volumne (demand) to compensate for the obvious FAKE supply (ask) being used on the ladder attacks.. wouldn't removing as much of the supply (SET SELL LIMITS) correct the calculation?
REMOVE STOCK LENDING and your shares CANNOT be borrowed. Thats a MUST
If we remove our sell limits wouldn't the demand equal a greater percentage of the supply? raising the price?
I have had my limits set at 1k for a while and so has many others but I don't see a direct benefit that would counter the logic.
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tizzleton 02/22/2021 11:08
yea I canceled my sell limits but I also have cash account and turned off stock lending program so see what happens

Simpl€ Mechanic$02/22/2021 11:09



BullyStocks02/22/2021 11:03
IF it's true that setting a sell limit prevents them from borrowing shares (and I have seen other articles that say otherwise too), then the ONLY people who should have a sell limit are the ones who can't opt out of share lending programs (i.e. robbinghood)


Simpl€ Mechanic$02/22/2021 11:00
Most people set sell limits believing it would prevent thier shares from being borrowed.. but everything I've researched does not support that thinking. turning off share lending DOES. if a broker was caught lending shares that belonged to someone they would lose thier brokers license. .. I dunno but it was a cool idea to send a statement to the hedgieboys that we are not selling and now im not so sure it's helping our situation.


Tikismash02/22/2021 10:59
Because if you put a Sell linit the system thinks you want to sell if 100 million people 200 million people want to sell there’s a lot of supply that’s going to be in the market

Simpl€ Mechanic$02/22/2021 11:02

price does not move to supply.. it moves to demand.. you can only sell for what someone is willing to pay.. not thebother way around


ReadyGo02/22/2021 10:54
Why would the demand go up if we remove our sell linits?

BullyStocks02/22/2021 11:12

oh I know and I'm agreeing with you lol, all the computer sees is mass amounts of sell orders on the books (showing plenty of supply) vs not nearly the amount of buy orders (showing little demand comparatively)

Simpl€ Mechanic$02/22/2021 11:07

Supply doesn't determine price though. Nothing is valued at what people want to sell at. would you buy a Honda for 50k? how bout 45k. 30k.. 20k oh 20k then the Honda sells for 20k.. why would stock be different?

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