Simpl€ Mechanic$

02/22/2021 11:17

$AMC Ent Holdg I challenge anyone to show DD that a stock price moves to meet the Supply prices set. I'll STFU about it .. someone show me one situation where a price ladder had a ridiculous limit set and the stock rocketed to meet it.
Which means that thebprice is determined by the DEMAND (BID) Price someone is willing to pay
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StockyBull02/22/2021 11:26


Simpl€ Mechanic$02/22/2021 11:25
here's a prime example
explain to me why this stock is 2.9 then bro

how***com02/22/2021 11:31

I think its the hf that's trying there best to get people to do away with the sell limits either because they know its about to rocket and they are hoping there will be people that misses out or they are hoping to get people to do away with limits so they can borrow there shares. thats the only things I can think of. if setting high sell limits hurt the books then in theory you should be able to double the buy orders at 0.01 and make it keep going up

StockyBull02/22/2021 11:28

you think with more logic then I've seen anyone think with recently.. periodically maybe not incessantly a whole lot but periodically you should post your logic our new strategy is taking traction. and there are many people that confirm that understand. later today when there's more people active you should share this stuff more again and in the days to come. you aren't just a normal warrior you're a leader of men a Sergeant at arms. and ignore the persecution for your truth


Stonkdoofus02/22/2021 11:24
Or just admit you have no facilities for logic. If limits were bad for us, they wouldnt randomly cancel them. Period.

Simpl€ Mechanic$02/22/2021 11:29

ya I thought about that also. why would they cancel them. And I got nothing but the bullshit explanation from WEBULL support. Sell limit too high from current stock value..
maybe it's to get us to set them lower to create MORE pressure? 🤷🏼‍♂️
That's why I said an open discussion .. Why your trying to be insulting when we are on the same team is a better question


Simpl€ Mechanic$02/22/2021 11:20
We started setting high limits to prevent our shares from being borrowed. PERIOD . But nothing proves that logic to be true. People have shown here that even with a high limit set while having the share lending program ON that thier share were still borrowed. BUT NOT ONE PERSON CAN SHOW THIER SHARE WERE LENDED WITH IT OFF.


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