02/22/2021 11:35

$AMC Ent Holdg Friday droves of us took off the high sell limits and we had a Green day. many more took them off after the big dip this morning and look we're moving up more easily. one of the tactics the hedges use to put negative pressure on the order books is to have massive sell orders why would we want to help them.
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mil***com02/22/2021 11:48
Most of your posts are telling us to take off our sell limits are you crazy! Your being blocked bot.

StockyBull02/22/2021 11:53

many people did their research and came to the same conclusion on Friday after I fought for the cause and we had a Green day. now we're having higher bottoms as more people follow suit and do their own DD. we are moving up more easily now. watch over the next few days as we see how significant this new strategy is for us. the hedge funds use massive cell orders to put negative pressure on the order book why would we want to help them. my bad for the talk to text typos my phone doesn't understand

StockyBull02/22/2021 11:51

take your time go down through my posts real quick a fraction of my posts are talking about high sale limits. just because I've been combating this as of Friday and today it may seem like that. but look through them after you get down past Friday you will see all the good stuff

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StockyBull02/22/2021 11:40
I didn't say most people I said droves of people and yes I do have a clue they posted it on Friday a lot of people said they were going to try it for a while. I pay attention to the posts. look through the post this morning several more people said they're going to try it it can't hurt but it may help.

Texas_Ap302/22/2021 11:42

Dont believe everything you read


Hor***com02/22/2021 11:39
you don't have a clue if most people took off there sell limit 😆

StockyBull02/22/2021 11:41

I did not say most. there's no way to tell how many. I just read many posts that said they were going to try it that it couldn't hurt us and may help us. and I've seen handfuls of people this morning decide to do the same in. I know this because they posted so

StockyBull02/22/2021 11:40

oops I posted above it was meant for you


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