02/22/2021 16:09

$AMC Ent Holdg its trying to get back to that 5.50 normal so bad all this crap does is go down.. and all you guys say is buy and hold buy and hold qhwn Cleary they play with the price everyday. people keep say they running outta shares. ... don't look like it to me.. im.not a troll BTW just really starting to be fed up
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All Comments(8)

Hold for eternity🦍02/22/2021 16:18
and all you do is troll this board all day....nobody gives a shit about your stance on anything.


KanodaBoss02/22/2021 16:17
Go watch the first karate kid


Mar***com02/22/2021 16:15
Buddy the hedge funds are not just gonna let u be rich in one day u have to fight for it stay strong 💎🚀


loa***com02/22/2021 16:13
does baby want a bottle

goblue02/22/2021 16:14

no but ill take your face to bash in 🤡


bel***com02/22/2021 16:12
Stay Calm After osu beats michigan in the fall we can count our money together Ha


StockyBull02/22/2021 16:12
it's great how we're finding hard support above 5.70 now instead of 5.50 looks like we're doing better than friday! you know the whole market dips pre-lunch watch it do the Phoenix from the ashes thing after lunch


Allen Ng02/22/2021 16:10
Patience! You think free money comes in a blink of a eye come on man!

goblue02/22/2021 16:12

my eyes blink slowly. this is something they have been doing for straight 30 days!


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