Cha Cha

02/22/2021 18:11

$AMC Ent Holdg The stock is no different than any other gamma squeeze or short squeeze that is come down the pike in the last 25 years… All other squeezes were the result of purchasing shares holding them and having very high Sell limits set. The price is not moving because people are not buying the ask.

By allowing your shares to be Available because of having stock lending turned on or not having a high sell limit set you are literally handing the knife to the hedge funds to stab you in the back a second time…… Hedge funds shorted the stock and damage the price all by borrowing your shares…… By not having high sell limits of 250 to 500 to 1000 $ a share set, you are allowing hedge funds to borrow your shares again.... and they are currently hedging options against their short positions with borrowed shares…… The hedge funds are using your own shares against you twice……
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Gann4402/22/2021 18:34
Any way around cashapp not allowong those settings?


🦍gorillaglue_diamond_hands💎02/22/2021 18:31
first day. just chill buy 1 and 2 cents over ask.


♿☮Quickie2Wheels02/22/2021 18:14
volumes moving up slow, cheap bas☮


SquintMG02/22/2021 18:12
sell limit orders dont prevent borrowing. they hurt the stock.

Cha Cha02/22/2021 18:23

If that were true then GameStop never would’ve hit $530 in pre-market weeks ago.... APVO wouldn’t have hit $80 .... not my first squeeze... People are not buying the ASK.... price goes up or down when the computer algo detects a point of sale at a specific price.... sale limit orders do not affect the price until they are executed meaning bought.

Temple.x302/22/2021 18:16

That’s 100% inaccurate


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