02/22/2021 23:32

$AMC Ent Holdg one of the hedge funds many tactics is to put very big sale orders on the order books. this creates a negative pressure on the order books driving the price down.why would we add to that negative pressure with high sale limits? my research shows all the negatives outweigh the positives. and the positives don't even apply unless you own the stock outright. we don't own it the platform does. if you read some of my DD right here you will see that high sale limits allow the platform to know how much and how often they can loan out your shares turn stock lending off but do not set high sale limits. if you compare game to AMC we are starting to look a little different if you compare them in your watch list you can see that we are breaking upward a little but still similar which shows that there is less negative pressure on the stock I've been pushing this for two and a half days now and many people have been removing their high sale limits we started doing this Friday and started moving up I pushed it hard this morning many people removed the limits and we moved up all day. we need to release all the negative pressure from us the hedge fund puts enough negative pressure on. it will not hurt to try this this week it's already started to work in the last two trading days. but it will hurt us not to try it. no risk high reward. it's okay if you want to blindly follow the masses and keep them on it will allow me to buy many more shares as we are delayed. but if you'd like this to move up quicker you'll remove the high sale limits.
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Havik X02/23/2021 01:53
turned off lending long ago, removed my limits.... let's see what's what

StockyBull02/23/2021 02:11

I pushed hard going into Friday for people to take high sale limits off. and then I push real hard again Monday morning and a bunch of people said they would try just like you just said. and we moved up all day friday. I pushed real hard again this morning and a whole bunch of people said that they would try just like you did and look what we did today.


Dhu***com02/22/2021 23:36
Nope, game stop squeeze shows that high sell limits are needed for when they have to cover trhey have to buy back at the orices you set

buttermilk02/23/2021 02:32

no one is game stop talked about high sell limits, I was in game stop. I agree with stocky bull 100%

Boss babe02/23/2021 01:55

You could be right sir mmmmm 🤔 i need to check your information out for myself

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BUYtheASK02/22/2021 23:34
Im game. Cancelled mine

Justin Bieber02/22/2021 23:35

Thank you!


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