02/23/2021 00:12

$AMC Ent Holdg
Lets say the AMC squeeze happens before gamestop,
& us in AMC send money gamestop's way. (just hypothetically)
I do remember gme being first priorty, and hey that hit 500, pretty damn good and it will go higher
Gamestop, how can we unify together since we are all in it for the SAME BIG PICTURE? They are both shorted, maybe amc not as much as gme but still shorted! So how can we work together on this?
I'm not looking for this or that, maybe a heavy medium? I want a W for all of us.
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??Dime Bag Dave??02/23/2021 01:24
Your on it with this post !

Anom02/23/2021 01:27


Anom02/23/2021 01:27


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cotton02/23/2021 00:29
I like both

Anom02/23/2021 00:38

Me too, I am for what is happening with these shorts!


Anom02/23/2021 00:13
shouldn't get hate on a post about working together but I'm sure it's there


Playmaker02/23/2021 00:12

Anom02/23/2021 00:13

I'm sure you read the whole thing


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$AMC Ent Holdg $GameStop ML 03/03/2021 15:10