02/23/2021 01:22

$AMC Ent Holdg
okay im about to drop some sht on this sell limit thing. I respect you if you have it on or off.
WHY in the world have we been doing it for weeks then all of a sudden on the SAME DAY there was a big HEARING a post POPPED UP OUT OF NOWHERE.
"Turn sell limits off"
I'm no conspiracy theorist.. but
Theoretically, let's say the hedges did plan this post, makes sense to let it go up a dollar or 2 a couple days after it was posted. Makes ya really believe huh! At this point the only ONLY thing i believe in is holding and turning stock lending program off. I want to see this discussion DROPPED because its consuming and confusing morale. I want the people here to understand the most basic way to get a squeeze shorted which i believe i listed early. Oh, and buying above ask price. That is all and If you disagree well lets agree to move on then at least.
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StockyBull02/23/2021 01:32
I've shown people all kinds of DD on this. on them it won't hurt to try for a week and eliminate them a whole lot of people are trying it the main push was Friday morning and we moved up all day Friday I pushed it even harder this morning a lot of people jumped on board. and it moved up all day today. we need to try it for this week so we can see how significant the pressure really is or lack of from taking the high sale limits off. it can't hurt to try but it will hurt us if we don't try.

Anom02/23/2021 01:39

im impressed with the amount of DD you've been doing and I will do my part as i expect all of us to!

Anom02/23/2021 01:38

i get where you are coming from. I am just asking if it is not pushed as hard. Think about it, if you were new to stocks and wanted to buy into AMC, and you seen all of us going BACK & FORTH on something, it would be kind of hard to understand the bigger picture. Though it may weigh down the price as you say, I dont think it is anything compared to what the enemy hedges are doing! We need a basic community here that focuses on the main picture with a simple message. that's all. imo.


StockyBull02/23/2021 01:31
nation of part 1. the high sell limits negatives outweigh the positives. the positives don't even work unless you own the stock outright we don't own it the platform does. high sell limits in fact give the platform the ability to know when you're going to sell so they know how much and how often they can loan out your shares.


StockyBull02/23/2021 01:29
one of the hedge funds tactics for a long time have been to set massive cell orders to put negative pressure on the books. buy orders put positive pressure on the books. why would we want to use high sell orders it only helps put more negative pressure on the books. do your DD don't follow the masses blindly this isn't a new development. I've been trying to show people for weeks now that high sell limits are bad for us I pushed it hard last week and then real hard Friday morning and it started catching on and people started taking their high sale limits off and we started moving up. I pushed it hard again this morning and a little bit today and it caught on even more. the high sell limits negatives


Pipes02/23/2021 01:29



Big Pimp02/23/2021 01:24
Yes lets move on from this!!

Anom02/23/2021 01:39

say wha

Tim Grimm02/23/2021 01:37

Dont be a puta

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Anom02/23/2021 01:23
& most importantly, Patience is a virtue in this game!

Anom02/23/2021 01:40

yes, misconception that it will happen overnight!

Tim Grimm02/23/2021 01:36

⬆️ this ⬆️


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