02/23/2021 01:31

$AMC Ent Holdg solid day as we methodically climb. no such thing as easy money so be smart and METHODICAL...
whether your in with 20 shares, 200, or 2000 your gains depends on YOU now. to maximize all of our gains be patient as it'll take days and weeks of climbing( i.e $GameStop )
by now we should know that all the variables are set in place for a possible historic squeeze soon to make sick gains. we all have our exit numbers set based on life circumstances etc and to each his own. if we can ride this out with CONVICTION, it can change many of our lives. it's been something amazing to watch over the past 3 weeks to know what ordinary folks can achieve if they come together. GL to us all and see yall at the finish line. GO AMC!!!
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All Comments(4)

Fried Chicken02/23/2021 01:42
looking to jump in here, but how do I even chart this beast? I can't get a real read on where it's going. on one hand, short float is almost 40%, but RVol is .57 so the likelihood of it getting pumped up on another squeeze is kinda low right?

?CASHSNIPER?02/23/2021 01:53

5.5 was the bottom until today. gonna test 7 to 8 from this point on so it's still great time for entry. tbh this beast is an anomaly and off the charts which can be frustrating. gl

Kdaape02/23/2021 01:52

Well you just a negative nancy


Zen Valo02/23/2021 01:36
Well said!

?CASHSNIPER?02/23/2021 01:48

gl and hope you make bank


Ram***com02/23/2021 01:35
Take out investment.. Ride the rest till valhalla

?CASHSNIPER?02/23/2021 01:47



Dma***com02/23/2021 01:33
Im holding till $500 $AMC Ent Holdg

Zen Valo02/23/2021 01:36

Double it, my fellow Ape!


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