02/23/2021 02:16

$AMC Ent Holdg remember people. when it hits 20 please do not sell. yeah u got your scalpers and sassy asz profit takers. but if you say u holdin hold 4 real. get your money and times worth. make up for the mental strife you put yourself through. gme set the stage and open the gates for us now its time for us to carry the weight and push it through. do not sellllllll
do not sellll. i repeat do not sellllll
hold hold hold hold hold hold
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All Comments(7)

#B1 8202/23/2021 02:38
at 5 dollars a share it's as good as amc 🚀🚀🚀


tsa***com02/23/2021 02:33
seriously... I've lost a lot of sleep over the past 4 weeks because of this. Hell no I ain't selling

Shopahorra02/23/2021 02:41

thats what i like to hear. share it with everyone.


col***com02/23/2021 02:20
Dont think it can reach $GameStop heights but it will get to 200. I’m selling at 175 when it gets there, just to be safe...

Shopahorra02/23/2021 02:21

its stuff like this that will keep it from going that high. nobody sold thats why gme went up.


Excel107702/23/2021 02:19
AMC 1000


ScroogeMcDoge02/23/2021 02:18
I'm holding until 1k


joh***com02/23/2021 02:18
I'm taking profits at 50 selling enough to get my initial investment than buying more GameStop woot woot

Shopahorra02/23/2021 02:18

you might as well sell now then


conscious rest02/23/2021 02:17
trip digi's.. nothing less for this ol fool 🦍😎👍

Shopahorra02/23/2021 02:17

nothing les than 500


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